Can a Ghanaian apply for schengen visa

Can a Ghanaian apply for Schengen visa from Ghana or a foreign country? Yes, they can, but with a few conditions. Ghanaians are not eligible for visa fee entry into Europe, so they must apply for Schengen visas. Where they submit their application will determine the type of documents they submit. Ghanaians applying for a visa in Ghana will need a valid Ghanaian passport that has at least three months of validity beyond the departure date from Europe.

 However, if they are applying for a visa outside Ghana, they will need a passport and a valid temporary or permanent residency permit. With these and additional documents, their visa chances will increase.

Documentary Requirements For A Schengen Visa For Ghanaians

Here are the Schengen visas you will need if you are a Ghanaian applicant.

Application Form: You will need a duly filled and signed Schengen visa application form containing all your details correctly inputted. The form has several sections which must be completed, as these details are what the embassy will use to process your visa. 

Application forms are available at the embassy, visa application centers, and online.

Ghanaian Passport: A passport is an essential document you cannot do without. The original passport must have certain conditions, it must have at least two empty pages, must be valid for at least three months after you leave the Schengen country, and must not be older than ten years.

Photographs: Two recent passport photographs that meet Schengen photo requirements for visa applications. Do not wear glasses or any adornment that will distort your looks. The photo must be clear and printed on a white background. Only photos taken within the last six months will be accepted.

Civil Status Certificate: This document is the only option for proving family connections. Depending on the circumstances, you will need any of these: birth, death, or marriage certificates.

Round Trip Itinerary: You must show evidence of a booked flight reservation to your destination in Europe and back to Ghana. The tickets must show the arrival and departure dates on your visa.

Proof of Accommodation: A proof of accommodation like a hotel reservation or house address of a family or friend where you will stay when you arrive.

Travel Insurance: All visitors to the Schengen zone must have a valid travel medical insurance certificate with a cover of at least €30,000. The policy must cover any medical bills incurred due to injuries or unexpected illness.

Visa Fee: The visa fee must be paid, and the receipt must be included. Without the visa fee, the application will not be processed.

Cover Letter: A cover letter to clearly explain the purpose of your trip and other details will be required. Furthermore, the letter should be signed by you and dated.

Previous Visa Copies: If you have been issued a visa in the past, you should include it in your application to show proof that you are a frequent traveler.

Proof of Financial Means: You need to submit financial statements to prove that you have the financial capacity to cover your expenses while in Europe. The bank must stamp and seal the statement and show transactions for the last six months with a sufficient account balance to cover your costs.


Why Your Application May Be Denied

If you know why your application may be denied by the embassy, you will be best placed to avoid rejections by putting your application in order. Here are some reasons la why you may not get the visa.

Wrong Information: To avoid mistakes, you must fill out your application form carefully. 

If you provide wrong information, you may likely not get a second chance to correct it, as the application will be rejected outright.

False Documents: Submitting false documents is a red flag the embassy will not take lightly. Your application will be rejected, and you may even be blacklisted.

Financial Incapacity: The embassy wants to be sure that you have the financial capacity to cover your expenses while in their country, so your financial statement will be scrutinized. 

Your application will be rejected if your balance is insufficient to cover the daily expenses for all the days you will spend.

Incomplete information or documents are other grounds for application rejections.


How Much Is The Application Fee?

The application fee for a Schengen visa is €80 but children between 6-11 pay €40, while children under 6 pay no fees. The fee is non refundable and solely for application processing and is not a guarantee that the visa will be issued to you.

Can a Ghanaian apply for Schengen visa to visit any of the Schengen countries in Europe? The answer is yes, but they must submit their documents to the embassy.

Apply for Schengen visa Online
Apply for Schengen visa online
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