Schengen visa appointment availability

Booking an appointment with the embassy of a Schengen country is an important part of the visa application process. However, how do you know if a Schengen visa appointment is available? There are steps you should take, and we will show you how in this article, so keep reading.

How To Know If There Is Schengen Visa Appointment Availability

The only way to know if a Schengen visa appointment is available is to contact the embassy through appropriate means. Once you apply for the booking, your request will either be accepted or denied, and the embassy will contact you at a later date for the appointment. Here are the steps to take to schedule an appointment with the embassy.

Know Your Eligibility

The first step is to know whether you need a visa or not. Schengen citizens and citizens from visa-free countries do not need a visa to enter any of the Schengen countries. There are more than 60 countries on the Schengen visa-free list, but if you are not from any of them and you are not from a Schengen country, you definitely need a visa.

Know The Visa You Need

The next step is to know the type of visa you need. There are visas for tourism, official visits, study visa, visa for journalists, transit visas, visas for medical visits, culture and sports visas and temporary study visas, etc. Your purpose for coming to the Schengen Area should determine the visa you apply for.  

Enquire About The Application Center

The next step is to know where to submit your application form. Where you submit yours will depend on whether the primary country you wish to visit has an embassy or consulate in your country. If they do, contact them through the appropriate means to book the appointments. However, if they have no embassy or consulate in your area, look for licensed visa application centers designated by the authorities to collect documents on their behalf.

Apply At The Best Time: You should know the best time to apply for the application if you want to get the visa in time. Consider filling out your application at least three months before your planned trip or not later than 15 working days in the case of an emergency.

Book The Appointment: Once you know the appropriate quarters to submit your application, go ahead to book an appointment. You may be allowed to book the application online or in person. Some consulates even use middlemen for appointment booking. Just follow through on the appropriate route to book your appointment.

Complete The Application Form

Complete the application form with accurate details and ensure they match what is on your passport and other documents. Provide your personal and background information, details of your trip, the purpose of the trip, and other required information. Fill out every section and leave none empty. Sign the form and print it twice so you can keep a copy.

Required Documents

Gather all the required documents. You will see the following.

  • Valid passport

  • Two recent identical photographs

  • Round trip flight Itinerary with travel and flight data, proof of accommodation, proof of financial capacity, travel medical insurance

These are the primary documents you will be required to submit for the visa, but additional documents may be demanded depending on the type of Schengen visa you are requesting and your nationality. Gather all of them before you go for the appointment.

Attend The Interview: On the day of the appointment, visit the embassy or visa application center for the visa interview and bring your documents along. Appear before the visa officer and submit your documents to them. You will also be asked key questions about your trip to endeavor to answer them confidently and truthfully.

After the interview, you can leave and wait for feedback. You will be invited to come to collect your visa so you can make the trip.

How Long Will The Visa Processing Take?

Visa processing takes roughly 15 calendar days before it is released, but it may take longer if

  • There is a pandemic

  • There is a policy change by the time you submit your application

  • Travel restrictions from your country

To avoid delays, do well to submit your application at least two months in advance so your plans will not be disrupted.

Schengen Rules

  • Make sure you visit the country that issued the visa first before any other country if you have any plans to visit multiple countries.

  • You can only visit one country if you hold a single-entry visa, but for more than one country, you need a multiple-entry visa.

  • You must not stay for more than 90 days in the Schengen Area.

Planning to visit the Schengen Area soon? Check for  Schengen visa appointment availability at the nearest embassy or consulate.

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Apply for Schengen visa online
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