Schengen visa insurance requirements

Insurance is an integral part of the Schengen visa requirements. Amongst the many other documents that are needed to complete the application submission, travel insurance is one of them.

Moreover, specific Schengen visa insurance requirements must be met by an individual traveling to the Schengen zone.

Therefore, if you are unaware of the policies for the Schengen visa insurance requirements, then you should continue reading, as this article will discuss what the insurance for a Schengen visa is and its requirements!

What is the Insurance for Schengen Visa?

Travel insurance is meant to protect you from any unwanted circumstances or accidents that can occur during travel.

Travel insurance is mandatory for Schengen visa applications, and the insurance should be about EUR 30,000 and be accepted in all Schengen countries. Travel medical insurance is necessary if you wish to travel to any of the Schengen countries, as it will provide you with cost coverage for emergencies.

Whenever you choose an insurance company, make sure that the insurance policy is valid for all the Schengen states you will be visiting and is not just for the country you plan to visit.

The insurance will cover medical emergencies, lost stuff or passport, death, etc. The insurance may not take care of stuff such as medical treatment due to misuse of alcohol. And any accident due to irresponsibility and carelessness may not be treated either.

Who Needs to Have the Travel Medical Insurance?

There is an exception when it comes to who needs to have travel medical insurance. Those allowed visa-free travel to the Schengen zone does not need to get their Schengen travel insurance as it is not made mandatory.

Whereas all the individuals who need a Schengen visa to travel to the European Union member states must have travel insurance too. Hence, if you are applying for a Schengen visa, you must have complete coverage for the duration you stay in the Schengen area countries.

It does not matter why you are going on a Schengen visa; you must have travel insurance. Business trips, tourism purposes, work purpose, etc., will all require you to have coverage.

Even though those allowed to travel visa-free to the Schengen zone do not need travel insurance, it is a good idea to get a travel insurance policy so that in case of any emergency, their costs can be covered well. Travel insurance allows individuals to spend their time worry-free due to unexpected circumstances. It is highly recommended to get travel insurance even if you are not required to get one mandatorily.

What are the Requirements for the Schengen Visa Insurance?

Specific criteria must be met by the medical insurance you choose for your Schengen visa. Otherwise, your Schengen visa application may not be approved.

The insurance should have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000, which should cover different medical costs and other expenses related to mishaps in travel.

Moreover, the insurance shouldn't be limited to only the Schengen country that you will be visiting. Instead, it should cover all the other Schengen area countries too!

Travel health insurance must cover costs such as medical emergency hospital treatment, loss of stuff during travel, loss of passport, etc.

Additionally, the insurance policy should also cover the expenses in case you pass away in one of the Schengen countries, such as sending the physical form back to the home country.

The insurance policy must cover your stay in the Schengen country. If you have to cancel the trip due to any emergency, the insurance should cover that cost too.

The Procedure for Getting Travel Insurance for the Schengen Visa

You must ensure that the insurance company you opt for provides you with proper insurance. Always go through the insurance policy to confirm that it fulfills the Schengen visa requirements and covers the trip's entire duration.

If the insurance policy does not cover the Schengen visa insurance requirements, it is not helpful to you. You should check out the insurance policies by multiple companies and then choose the one that offers the most coverage and is affordable! Travel health insurance is not too costly, but you should choose the best one!

Applying for the Visa

In addition to numerous other documents, you must provide proof of travel insurance when you apply for a Schengen visa. Hence, it is likely that your visa request will be denied if you do not present this proof.Therefore, ensure that you provide proper proof of medical insurance and that your chosen insurance policy has the minimum medical coverage.

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Apply for Schengen visa online
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