Schengen visa interview questions answers

If you are planning to apply for a Schengen visa, along with the preparation of the documents, you must prepare for the Schengen visa interview as well!

To acquire the visa, you do not have only to submit the documents but also answer a few questions truthfully. The interview is conducted so the interviewer can ask in-depth questions about why you want to travel to any of the Schengen area countries and if you are worthy of the Schengen visa.

As you read ahead, you will be enlightened about the different questions and answers; the Consulate General may ask you on your Schengen visa appointment.

What are Some of the Questions Asked in the Schengen Visa Interview?

In the interview, you can be asked a range of interview questions. These questions can relate to your personal life and what you mentioned on the visa application form.

Some of the questions that can be asked from the visa applicant are as follows.

What is the reason for your trip, and how long do you intend to stay? Why do you want to visit the particular Schengen country, and how many Schengen countries do you plan to travel to? Moreover, the authorities can ask about your travel and accommodation arrangements for your trip.

For the questions mentioned above, you should only answer to the point and provide accurate details. Please give them a proper reason for your visit and why your travel is essential.

You may be asked questions about your return to your home country. For such a question, you should mention the important tasks and relationships you have back at home which will cause you to come back. This question guarantees the authorities that you are not planning to stay in the Schengen country until your visa expires.

Apart from your travel, you may be asked questions about your family. For example, the official may ask you whether you are married. Questions regarding the duration of your marriage, general marriage details such as what you and your spouse do, etc., may be asked.

In case you are going to a Schengen country to meet your family members or friends or have been invited by them, you may be asked questions such as how will you spend time when your family members in that particular Schengen country go out to work, what do your family members or friends do in the Schengen country, etc.

If you are going for tourism purposes, a typical visa interview will have the concerned diplomat may ask you about your travel itinerary and if you have any relatives in the country, and when did you last visit them?

Moreover, you will also be asked questions about your work. For example, where do you work, how much do you earn, will you be able to cover your cost for the travel, do you have travel medical insurance, etc.

Questions related to financial resources are common types of questions as they want to ensure you have sufficient travel funds. Hence, you may be asked about your monthly income, annual income, tax payments, bank statement that you have provided, etc. You may be asked questions regarding your educational qualification as well. So be ready to answer such questions!

Suppose you are going on a business trip and have been invited by a company or are being sent by your company. In that case, you can be asked questions regarding who your company is, why they are sponsoring you, what is the project for which you have to travel, etc.

How to Answer the Questions?

When you are answering the questions, the official taking your interviewer is checking the way you answer the questions. Therefore, answer every question truthfully and be accurate in your answers. You should go through your visa application properly and be able to answer honestly if you are asked any questions.

Provide only accurate details; otherwise, you can face cross-questioning. You must answer appropriately so that the officials know you will return to your home country within the given time.

It would be best if you gave comprehensive answers to questions that require some details and not bluff around. Moreover, be to the point, and in yes/no questions, try not to beat around the bush.

How to Prepare for the Interview?

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