How to apply for a schengen visa from Zambia

If you want to know how to apply for a Schengen visa from Zambia, you are reading the right post. Many Zambians looking to visit Europe have no idea how to submit their visa applications or the type of visa to apply for. This confusion or lack of information leads to application mistakes or delays that could have been avoided. Below, we review the entire process and provide detailed information about visa documents the Schengen visa in Europe.


What Is A Schengen Visa?

A Schengen visa is a particular type of visa issued by European countries. This visa is not issued by all countries but by 27 countries that form a part of the Schengen Area; however, it is recognized by most of the other EU countries that are not part of the Schengen Area. The visa is valid for 180 days once issued to the traveler, allowing them to stay in Europe for up to 90 days. Schengen visas are mainly for short visits like tourism, business trips, transit, or visits to family or friends in Europe.

Aside from the 27 Schengen countries, these visa holders can also access Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania (all European countries currently not part of the Schengen Area). They can also visit Microstates like Andorra, The Vatican, or Monaco too. This visa cannot be extended, nor does it qualify one for work permits. So, therefore, Zambians visiting with this visa are not allowed to work during their short stay in the country.

If you want to apply for this visa, keep reading to learn more.

Do Zambians Need Schengen Visas To Visit?

Zambians need this visa to enter any European country, excluding the Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom. This visa is mandatory for short-term visits because Zambia is not a visa free country on the Schengen list. Only a visa will grant you access to enter EU territory.


How To Apply For A Schengen Visa From Zambia?


You must visit the embassy of the country you wish to visit to submit your application. Alternatively, you may submit it through a designated visa centers like VFS.

Documents For Schengen Visa

The application process requires several documents, which must be submitted to the embassy of the European country you wish to visit in Lusaka or a designated visa application center. These documents must be assembled and valid; only those who submit the right ones will get the visa at the end of the process. Please find below the documents required for the application.

Application Form: A completed application form should contain the accurate date. All sections must be filled, and you must sign the form. Application forms can be obtained online or at the visa center or embassy in Zambia.

Passport: You will need a valid Zambian passport. The original passport should not be older than ten years and must be valid for at least three months beyond the date you intend to depart Europe at the end of your trip. Furthermore, it must still have at least two blank pages for immigration stamps.

Photograph: Two recent identity photographs that meet Schengen visa guidelines. Avoid wearing glasses or headgear that will cover your face or distort your look. The photos must not be older than six months and must be printed on white background.

Civil Status Certificate: Those traveling with family or visiting family must provide a civil status certificate, if required, such as a death or birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. This is to prove marriage or blood relations.

Proof of Accommodation: You must confirm hotel booking or show a friend's or family's house address where you will be staying when you get there.

Round Trip Itinerary: Round trip flight itinerary and reserved flight bookings for the trip from Zambia to your destination and back. The flight ticket dates must correspond with the dates you provide on your form.

Travel health Insurance: Based on EU travel laws, visitors must have a valid travel health insurance policy to cover any potential medical expenses incurred. The policy must have a minimum cover of €30,000.

Visa Fee Receipt: After paying the visa fee, the receipt must be included in the list of documents to be submitted. This fee must be paid; otherwise, you can't apply.

Cover Letter: A cover letter written and signed by you explaining why you wish to visit the country and how long you plan to stay, including the places you want to see.

Previous Visa Copies: If you have been issued a visa previously, you must attach the expired visas to your application.

Proof of Financial Means: A bank statement must prove your financial capacity to cover your expenses. Every country in the EU has a minimum daily amount for expenses that the visitor must afford, so the account balance must contain a sufficient amount to cover all the days you will spend there.

Apply for Schengen visa Online
Apply for Schengen visa online
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