Is schengen visa easy for Turkish citizens

Is Schengen visa easy for Turkish citizens to get? This is a common question many Turks ask because, in recent times, the number of rejections for Schengen visas has quadrupled. In light of this development, Turkish citizens seeking entry into Europe are expected to be worried. In 2021 alone, the percentage of Schengen visa reactions jumped to 16.5%, more than three times the rejection rate of the previous years. So what are the reasons for this, and how can Turks improve their chances of getting their application approved?

Below, we explain why and how to avoid such rejections, so keep reading to learn more.

Why Have Rejection Rates Spiked In Recent Years?

Rejection rates have spiked in recent years for several reasons. These factors may be single or multiple factors that conspire to prevent many Turks from gaining European access. Here are three significant reasons for this trend.

Illegal Migration

One of the primary reasons for this is because of illegal migration. Over the last decade, the number of migrants passing through Turkey into mainland Europe has increased due to war and economic impact. Due to Turkey’s strategic location as a crossroad between Europe and Asia, migrants see it as the most accessible route into Europe. Although most of such migrants are not Turkish citizens, many Schengen countries cast an eye for suspicion on visa applications coming from Turkey. Due to the Hugh number of applications, the rejection rate has increased as a result.

Quota System

Many Turkish citizens and foreigners who are residents of Turkey apply for Schengen visas, and there are only so much visas Schengen countries can approve. Although Schengen nations have refused to confirm this, there have been rumors that they operate using a quota system, and for most years, the number of applicants from Turkey (citizens and non citizens) is more than the number of slots available.

Poor Economy

The Turkish economy has suffered a terrible downturn, leading to the rising cost of living, unemployment, and inflation. This has caused many to leave the country. Moreover, many Schengen nations see Turkey as a poor economy and a third world nation, influencing their decision on whether to approve or not to approve visa applications.

 High Rates Of General Rejections

Some countries have always had high rejection rates, so those who apply to such countries as their primary destination may be rejected. Countries like Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Finland have high rejection rates. In fact, Finland, in particular, has exceptionally high rejection rates compared to other countries.

Is Schengen Visa Easy For Turkish Citizens?

To answer this question, we would say that it depends on several factors, including personal circumstances. But you can take steps to improve your chances of landing the visa, and here are helpful tips.

Apply To A Country With A History Of Low Rejections

One way to improve your chances is to apply to a country with a history of low rejections, even if that is not a country to wish to visit. Countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, and Latvia have above 90% approval rates. You can travel to the country first, then make a detour to the country of your choice.

Meet The Financial Requirements

Another way to improve your chances is to ensure that you meet the daily expense requirements of the country. Some Countries in the Schengen region have a higher daily expenses requirement than others, and remember that the expenses will be multiplied by the number of days you intend to spend in the country. Once you meet the financial requirements and have extra cash left, your chances of getting the visa will be high.

Get Your Documentation Right

The need for proper documentation cannot be overemphasized at this point. Some rejections are down to wrong, false, or insufficient documentation. Make sure you arrange all the documents properly and fill out the application form correctly with no mistakes in sight. The documents you will need for a Schengen visa are

  • Completed application form

  • Valid Turkish passport with at least three months validity beyond the departure date

  • Travel Medical insurance with a minimum of €30,000

  • Cover letter

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of financial means

  • Invitation letter, where applicable

  • Round trip itinerary and flight ticket reservation

  • Receipt for visa fee

  • Additional documents, as requested by the embassy

Once you have these documents in order, you can book an appointment with the embassy and submit the documents to them for processing.

Aside from these tips, applying for a visa during the off-season when applications are down is also wise. With a decrease in the application, your chances are much higher, as many people will not be traveling for the summer or Christmas holidays. Is Schengen visa easy for Turkish citizens? It can be if you adopt the tips expressed above.

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