Schengen visa application sample

To avoid mistakes when completing your visa application form, it is always wise to use a Schengen visa application sample as a guide. In this post, we provide a sample of the Schengen visa application form and instructions on filling each column. We also include valuable information about Schengen visas in general.

The Schengen Zone

The Schengen zone, or area commonly called, is a group of 27 European countries operating a borderless immigration policy. These countries signed the Schengen Agreement, so their citizens can freely enter and exit member states throughout the year with little or no restrictions. Furthermore, each of these countries can issue Schengen visas recognized by others.

For instance, if a Slovakian embassy issues a Schengen visa to a traveler, the traveler can enter Slovakia and still travel to Germany, France, Slovenia, or any other Schengen country with the same visa, and they will not be turned back at the border or airport because the document is recognized. All Schengen visas are valid for 180 days, and travelers can visit and stay within the area for up to 90 days.

One major rule to bear in mind is the primary destination rule which states that the visa holder must visit the country that issued the visa before traveling to any other country in the zone. Also, Schengen visas are only meant for short-term visits and not for long-term purposes.

Schengen Visa Application From

The form is available for download in PDF format on a dedicated website. You can fill it out by hand or type it online before printing it out.

Schengen Visa Application Sample

When filling out a Schengen visa form, you must answer all the required questions on the documents. Here are the guidelines to follow.

Personal Information

Under this section, you must provide your personal data.

Surname: This is the section for your family name, and you must write it as it appears on your passport. Do not write your married name or the name of your partner in this section, as that will be wrong.

Surname (birth): This is a section for your birth surname, the name you were given at birth. If your birth surname and family surname are the same, write the same name in both boxes.

Date of Birth: Your date of birth as it appears in your passport, and it should be in the day/month/year format.

Place Of Birth: Provide your place of birth as it appears in your passport.

Country Of Birth: Your country of birth is not your nationality but the country where you were born.

Nationality: Write your nationality in your passport and add any other nationality you might have.

Sex: Enter your gender, be it male or female

Civil Status: This section is for your marital status. Just tick any of the boxes for single, married, Widowed, or registered partnership.

Parental Authority: This section is for parents and guardians applying for minors. They must provide their full name, nationality, and address.

ID Card: Provide your national ID number as it appears on your ID card.

Address: Write down your current address, email, and phone number in your country of residence.

Permit: If you reside in another country, give your residence permit details.

Occupation: Put down your current occupation or write “No occupation” if you have none.

Employer/Educational Institution: Employed applicants or students should write the name, address, and phone number of their employers or institution.

Travel Information

This section requires information about your primary destination, the purpose of the trip, and travel documents. Be sure of every piece of information you provide.

Document Type: Indicate the type of document you are providing, e.g., ordinary passport, diplomatic passport, service passport, etc

Passport Number: Write the passport number exactly as it appears on your passport.

Issue & Expiry Date: Provide the date of issue and expiry in their appropriate spaces.

Issuer: Provide the name of the agency or authority that issued the passport.

Purpose of The Trip: Select the appropriate box to indicate the purpose of the trip. You will find boxes for Family visits, tourism, business, etc.

Destination State: Write down the name of the Schengen country you wish to travel to, then include any other country you wish to visit.

First Entry State: This box is for the primary state you wish to visit

Number of entries: Indicate the number of visa entries you want, be it single entry, double entry, or multi entries.

Length of Stay: How long do you want to stay in the area? Indicate.

Previous Visa: If you’ve had a Schengen visa issued in the last three years, provide the information in this column.

Use this Schengen visa application sample to complete your form and ensure you only provide accurate information.

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Apply for Schengen visa online
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