Zambia business visa

Zambia is an East African country and a top destination for tourists and international business persons with investments and business interests in the country. The country is known for its rugged terrain, abundant wildlife, and thick forests. Its natural topography and safari areas attract thousands of tourists worldwide yearly, and several economic activities are built around the tourist industry. If you have plans to visit for business, you need a Zambia business visa.

Online Business Visa Application

Many foreign nationals, especially Chinese and Indian nationals, visit Zambia for business, and they have it easy these days because of the liberalized online visa application process initiated by the government of Zambia. Currently, more than 70 countries are on the online visa list, making it possible for their citizens to apply for a visa without visiting the Zambian embassy in their respective countries.

Eligible Applicants & Visa Exempt Applicants

There are two categories of visitors who visit Zambia; those who are eligible for a visa and those who are visa exempt. Visa-exempt nationals don't require a visa to enter Zambia; all they need is a passport valid for at least 6 months with two blank pages for immigration stamps. Eligible visitors can travel to Zambia and stay for up 90 days if they are tourists and up to 30 days if they are arriving for business.

The second category is those who are not from visa-exempt countries; these citizens require a visa to enter Zambia. They may either apply for an electronic visa or visit the Zambian embassy to apply for a business visa.

Types Of Zambia Visa By Entry

There are three types of Zambian visas based on entry mode; we briefly explain them below.

Single Entry: A single-entry Zambian business visa is used only once to enter the country. This visa allows the holder to visit just once, after which the visa expires.

Double Entry: The double entry visa allows the foreign national to enter Zambia twice, after which it cannot be used again.

Multiple Entry: This allows the holder to enter Zambia several times as long as the visa remains valid. There is no limitation to the number of times the holder can use it.

Transit visa: The transit visa is for those who want to make brief stops in Zambia to conduct quick business before they depart. Transit visas allow the holder to stay for only 7 days.

Day Tripper Visa: The Tripper Visa is for foreign business persons who want to stay in Zambia for just a day. This is also a visa-on-arrival document for eligible visitors, but the holder must exit the country using the same entry point.

Kaza Visa: There is another special visa called a Kaza Visa. This document is a collaboration between the government of Zimbabwe and Zambia and allows the holder to visit both countries for 30 days. However, only certain nationals are eligible for Kaza visas.


Zambia Business Visa Requirements

To successfully apply for a Zambian business visa, you must provide the following documents to shop your visa application.

Passport: You need a passport issued by your home government bearing your details. The passport must be valid for another 6 months starting from the day you arrive in Zambia. The passport should also have two blank pages.

Return Ticket: The government of Zambia also expects you to provide a copy of your return flight ticket to prove that you plan to return to your country at the expiration of your stay.

Invitation Letter: An invitation letter is required to support your application. The letter must be addressed to the Director General of the Immigration Service and written on the company's letterhead paper inviting you to Zambia. It must state your trip details, contact address and number, and other relevant information.

Letter of Incorporation: The certified copy of the company's letter of incorporation.

These documents should be attached to your application form and submitted either online or at the Zambian embassy.

How To Apply For A Business Visa

There are two ways to apply for a business Visa from the Zambia immigration department.

E Visa Application: You can apply for a business e visa online. This method is strictly online, so you don't have to deal with any third party. Documents are uploaded and submitted with the application form you must fill out online.

Consulate/Embassy: The other method is to apply in person by visiting the Zambian embassy in your country. This method takes longer as officials will have to review your documents and invite you for a one-on-one interview.

E-visa applications are processed in 5 working days, while direct embassy applications take more time.

If you want to obtain a Zambia business visa at short notice, consider applying for an e visa. Visit VisaHQ to fill out and submit the application form quickly.

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