Zambia visa for Canadian citizens

Zambia is a country rich in resources known to be Southern Africa's secret. It is a country worth traveling to if you are interested in wildlife and some of the best safari you will ever experience! Moreover, the Victoria Falls, present in Zambia, is the main tourist attraction.

If you plan to enter Zambia as a Canadian citizen, you need to be aware of their policies for giving visas. Moreover, you should also know who is eligible for the visa and the requirements.

Different Types of Visa

As a Canadian citizen, you can acquire different types of visas depending on the purpose of your travel to Zambia.

There are 4 types of visas that you can get to visit Zambia. Apart from getting visas for different purposes, you can get multiple or double entry visas, other than the standard single entry visa. The e-visas make it easier to directly acquire the visa without going to the Zambia embassy.

If you opt for an e-visa, you will get an approval letter from the Zambia government. Once you do, you can travel to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Livingstone Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, or Lusaka Harry Mwaanga international airport to enter Zambia.

The types of visas available are stated as follows:

Tourist E-visa

You can use this Zambian visa for touring Zambia as a Canadian citizen. The validity of this Zambian visa is for 3 months. You can get it either for single entry, double entry, or multiple entries. However, at one time, you can only stay for 90 continuous days.

To get the e-tourist visa, you must provide digital documents and details.

Business E-Visa

A business e-visa is a visa for Canadian citizens who have come to Zambia for business purposes.

You need all the documents, such as a passport, photo cover letter, etc. However, you will need a letter of incorporation too. This certificate will be of the sending company.

Moreover, you will need the business invitation from the company hosting you with the schedule of your business trip. The business registration of the inviting company may also be required.

This e-visa is available for single entry, double entry, or multiple entries with a validity of 30 months if you wish to visit Zambia, but you can stay for a month per visit only.

Tourist Visa

With a tourist visa, you will send the documents required to the Zambia high commission and the printed and filled application form. You will need the original passport with verification that it is a Canadian passport.

You will need your tourist itinerary, which your travel agent has verified. Moreover, you will have to send a vaccination certificate for yellow fever.

A tourist visa is available for single entry and multiple entries. And you can stay for 30 days per visit only through this visa.

Business Visa

You can use this visa to visit Zambia for any official business.

The business visa for Zambia is the same as the e-business visa, with the difference that you send the documents to the concerned authorities. Moreover, you cannot get a double entry visa for this.

Visa on Arrival

You can also get a visa on arrival as a Canadian citizen in Zambia. However, with a visa on arrival, you cannot get a multiple entry visa. You will most probably get a single entry visa on arrival.

Zambia Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

Some main requirements that will be needed to apply for the visa include a properly scanned copy of your Canadian passport. Ensure that this passport info is valid and an official document, or it can cause trouble in the application process.

You will also have to provide personal details and basic information such as name, address, etc. Moreover, you will need a clear passport photograph.

Next, you must provide a proper visit schedule and hotel booking details. You will also need to tell about the entry and exit points you will use to enter and exit Zambia.

A cover letter addressed to the Immigration director-general is also required. You should also know that individuals under 16 cannot get a visa for their selves. They need to be mentioned in an adult's application.

Time for Processing

Regardless of the visa, the normal processing time is between 3-7 days. With VisaHQ, the processing time is between 5-7 days.

Process of Filling the Zambia Visa Application Online

VisaHQ allows Canadian citizens to get Zambian visas online easily through their great visa services. The steps for applying online are not too time-consuming.

You need to visit the site VisaHQ and choose the travel destination as Zambia and the citizenship as Canada. You can then apply online and pay the fee, after which your request will be processed. You must remember that you may also be required to pay a fee for the visa at the immigration office in Zambia.

VisaHQ does not require you to mail any documents to them for processing.

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