Zambia visa for US citizens

Do you live in the US and wonder what you need to do to enter Zambia? Do you need help with how to visit Zambia? Zambia is a country in Southern Africa full of wildlife and a lot of nature that you can discover with an adventurous spirit.

Victoria Falls is one spectacular sight travelers want to take advantage of when traveling to Zambia!

Having all the necessary and critical information about visa policies is important before entering a new country.

To help you understand the visa requirements for Zambia visas for US citizens, this article has provided details about the visa types and their requirements! We hope you can travel to Zambia smoothly and can exercise normal precautions.

Do US Citizens Need a Zambia Visa?

Yes, as an American citizen, you will need a visa. Whether going on a day trip or a business trip, you need a visa. However, the good news is that you do not need to go through the hassle of going to the Zambian embassy because you can acquire an e-visa online!

Different Types of Visas Issued

For US citizens, the type of visa available has a lot of categories. There are tourist and tourist e-visa, business and business e-visa, Kaza univisa, missionary, and transit e-visa. Hence, you can get the necessary visa for whatever purpose you want to travel to Zambia.

It would be best to keep your valid passport, immigration permit, and e-visa with you in case any immigration officer needs to see them before you enter Zambia.

Tourist and Tourist E-Visa

This visa requires you to provide the id or passport of the host along with an itinerary that consists of your trip schedule. If you are visiting Zambia to meet family or friends, proof of invitation letter is needed along with their contact details.

This visa type is available as a single entry visa, double entry visa, and multiple entry visa, providing access to tourism in Zambia. It is processed within a week, and the validity is for 90 days, and you can stay 90 days per visit.

The tourist e-visa requires the same documents, but a cover letter addressed to the immigration officer is also needed, and you need t provide the result of your covid test, which should be negative. This Zambia visa is issued within 5 days, and the validity and stay per visit are the same as the tourist visa.

Business and Business E-Visa

Business e-visa is available in many types, depending on how many business days you want to spend. There are single entry, multiple entry visas, and double entry too. Depending on your visiting Zambia schedule, you can obtain them for either a 30-day or 90-day stay.

The single entry visa for 90 day stay is valid for 3 years. The visa validity ranges between 90 days to 3 years. And the visa issued is between 5-7 business days and can also be delivered on the same day in urgent cases.

Apart from the required documents, you will have to provide a business support letter from the company that has sent you and a letter from the inviting company. Addressed to the Zambia Consulate. The letter should contain the reason for the business and the companies involved.

Transit E-Visa

This visa type is for when you only have to enter Zambia for a few days. It is ideal for when travelers transiting to another country through Zambia.

You cannot obtain multiple entries or a double entry visa for transit. This e-visa can be obtained online by American citizens within 3 days.

Missionary Visa

To obtain this visa, one main document is the missionary letter stating the reason for your arrival to Zambia and how long you will be staying. This visa is for the sole purpose of missionaries!

The validity depends on the kind of visa, such as single, double, or multiple entry visas, and can be between 90 days to 3 years.

This type of visa is usually issued the same day or the next day if the travelers submit all the certified copies.

Kaza Univisa

American citizens can get the Kaza univisa for single entry with only 30 days' stay. You can obtain this visa in just 2 days.

This visa allows American citizens to travel access between Zimbabwe and Zambia with multiple entries as frequently as they want within 30 days.

However, if applicable, travelers should have proof of staying arrangements, residency such as bills with the applicant's details, and a previous visa to Zimbabwe.

General Requirements for Visa and Application Form

Some documents are required for the above-mentioned visa types regardless of the type of visa. The most important official document is a valid passport.

This includes having to fill out the visa application form completely and accurately.

Moreover, visitors should have their valid passports and a passport picture. Your passport should have two blank pages, and the passport validity should be until at least six months.

Visitors under 16 are not eligible to get a visa independently and must be included in the adult applicants' form.

How to Apply for the Zambia Visa Online?

Apply for a Zambia visa with the aid of VisaHQ! VisaHQ has some of the most knowledgeable individuals for assistance. With the easy steps of filling out the online application form, you can now travel to Zambia and secure your visa in no time!

Select your destination as Zambia and citizenship as the US, and you're good to go! You will find all the additional information about the visa requirements. After you apply, you will receive an approval letter which you should keep with you upon arrival.

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