Zambia visa for Ghanaians

Ghana is a country in the continent of Africa. It is located in the northwestern part of Africa. At the same time, Zambia is a country in the southern part of Africa.

Both countries reside on the same continent. However, as a Ghanaian, you must obtain a Zambian visa. Whether you plan a trip to Zambia for touring or go there as business visitors, you will require visas.

This article has discussed some of the policies you need to know regarding the visa for Zambia.

Do Ghanaian Citizens Need a Visa to Visit Zambia?

Yes, you will require an e-visa to enter Zambia if you have Ghana citizenship. Despite being on the same continent, Zambia and Ghana are two different countries, and to enter one, and you will need a proper e-visa.

The process of the visa is dependent upon the Zambian embassy. However, other sites provide a more easy process to acquire the visa.

Types of Visas Issued

There are different types of visas provided. The types depend on the purpose of your visit. Moreover, your Zambia visa can also differ in terms of how many times you can travel to Zambia with it.

The Zambia visas given are electronic, and you will receive them through email, and you can either download them or take a printout, as you might be asked to show them along with your passport. This visa is an official document permitting entry to Zambia for Ghana nationals.

Some of the visas provided are as follows:

Transit E-Visa

An electronic transit visa is needed when you are entering through the land. So if you are considering traveling from Ghana to Zambia through some land transport, you will still need to show your visa at the entry point.

Transit electronic visa allows you to enter Zambia smoothly by land.

The transit electronic visa requirements are a copy of the passport, a passport photograph, a cover letter directed to the Immigration director general, and a negative lab test result for Covid 19. If any of these documents required information is inaccurate, you might be interrogated by the authorities.

The transit e-visa is a single entry visa, and you can stay for 7 days only per visit. You can obtain this visa within 3 days.

Business E-visa

This type of visa is ideal for those who want to visit Zambia from Ghana for some important business meeting.

For the electronic business visa, you will require all the documents needed for the transit visa. However, there are additional documents that are needed too.

You will need a letter of incorporation from the sending company from Ghana and a business invitation from the inviting company in Zambia that also mentions other details regarding your stay and the purpose of your stay.

The business e-visa is available as a single entry visa, double entry, or multiple entry visa. This visa is valid for 90 days, and you can stay for the entirety of the days in one visit. You can obtain this visa within 5 days.

Tourist E-visa

A tourist visa is the best option for Ghanaian citizens planning a leisure trip to Zambia. Visiting Zambia only for fun will require you to get a tourist visa.

To get this tourist visa, apart from the fulfillment of the general requirements, you will need a cover letter that should be directed to the immigration director general. And you should also provide your trip's itinerary, such as your date of arrival and departure, etc. Tourists are also required to provide their accommodation details.

The business e-visa is also available as a single entry, double entry visa, or multiple entry visas. The processing time for this visa is 5 days, and this Zambian visa is valid for a maximum period of 90 days.

What are the Visa Requirements?

Some general requirements that have to be fulfilled for Ghanaian citizens to get the visa are that you need to be a valid passport holder and fill out the online application properly for it to be approved by the immigration officer. Moreover, you should only have tested positive for covid 19 7 days before you arrive in Zambia.

Your passport document should contain your proper picture and basic details. Moreover, if you wish to extend your stay, you will need to contact the immigration department in Zambia.

How to Apply for the Zambia Visa for Ghanaians Online?

You can now apply for a Zambia visa conveniently through VisaHQ. VisaHQ helps understand the different policies surrounding the visa entry requirements for Ghanaians and provides great visa services.

The registration process is very simple as you need to enter the place you want to travel to and from where you are traveling. Next, you will upload the documents and fill out the visa application form. Once you have completed these steps, you will be required to pay the fee according to the type of visa and its processing time, and soon enough, you will receive your visa through your email.

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