Zambia visa for Nigeria

Zambia is a country known for its walking safari and is also known as the undiscovered gem for various game viewing activities and safari. It has many wild and unique places that are best for tourism. If you are more nature oriented, then you need a Zambia visa and not a Zimbabwe visa. If you are planning to get a Zambia visa online, then here is everything you need to know. You just need a valid passport, passport photo, some documents and you are good to apply online.

Zambia Tourist Visa

The Zambia tourist visa is available in various types. There is Zambia single entry tourist visa, double entry Zambia tourist visa and multiple entry Zambia tourist visa. The validity of all three types of visas is up to three months. For any individual traveling to Zambia, they must take in notice the travel restrictions of the country. Also, they must submit the digital copies of their passport photo, Nigeria passport, hotel bookings, itinerary, and cover letter.

The e visa application is for Zambia online visa which does not need you to mail your documents, instead you can upload the digital copies of the documents required. The tourist visa application to visit Zambia must be completed, signed and submit online with the required documents and Zambia online application form.

Zambia Business Visa

For a Zambia business visa, the applicant must fulfill all the stated visa requirements. They should provide scanned copies of their Nigeria passport, their passport photo, letter of incorporation, business invitation letter, cover letter, and other documents required. The documents required must be submitted in electronic form and no document must be send via mail. The business visa for Zambia is also present in three categories. This visa is present as a single entry visa, a multiple entry visa and a double entry visa. Each of these visas have different processing times and visa fees which you can find below.

Zambia Visa Application Process

If you want to visit Zambia then applying through visa application center is the best option as they offer e visa application and the application process is quite simple. You just have to fill in the online application form, enter your details such as original passport number, certified copy of your required documents, valid contact numbers, address, etc.

If you require assistance in obtaining Zambia online visa then you can always contact VisaHQ. You can get help with documents required, applying online, payment, visas, and other immigration services for your trip to the Zamia. You have to visit their website then select Zambia, Africa as your destination and Nigeria as your own country.

You will be showed different visas categories and you can select the one you want. Entry of information will be required such as date of arrival in the Zambia, your e mail address, visa application form, and other Zambia visa requirements.

Fill those in and complete your Zambia online application. After that wait for the Zambia e visa application to process and upon receiving your Zambia approval letter, you can apply for hotel booking, and get tickets for your specific day trips.

Zambia Visa Requirements

Depending on your visa application, the visa requirements may vary. Moreover, you should also check for any travel restrictions before you enter Zambia. You can also get entry to Zambia through Kazungula borders if you visit Botswana. Therefore, for Zambia e visa application, you will need the following documents.

  • A passport photo that is at least taken within the last 90 days is required.

  • Original passport with your details on it. The passport should also be valid for at least six months after you leave Zambia. Your passport must have blank pages for visa stamping.

  • Hotel reservation is also required as proof of accommodation and stay in Zambia.

  • Flight itinerary should be available with date of travel and exit.

  • Cover letter is required. The cover letter must contain the person information, the reason for entering Zambia, stay period, location, and more.

  • If applicable, invitation letter, business registration, and other documents required by the immigration officers are to be submitted at the time of Zambia visa online application.

Zambia Visa Fees and Processing Times

The Zambia visa fee and processing times for Zambia tourist visa varies because of the different types of visas availability. The single entry Zambia tourist visa takes around 5 to 21 days processing times and costs around $85.00. The double entry Zambia visa costs around $100.00 and takes around 5 to 21 days processing times. The multiple entry Zambia visa costs around $135.00 and takes around 5 to 21 days processing times. Similarly, the single entry business visa costs around $95.00, the double entry Zambia visa costs around $110.00 and the multiple entry Zambia visa costs around $145.00. The processing times for all the Zambia visa are around 5 to 21 days.

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