Zambia visa for Indians

Are you an Indian national and planning a trip to roam Africa? One amazing country to visit in Africa is Zambia, which is situated in Southern Africa. This beautiful country is commonly known for the magnificent Victoria Falls but is also a great place for witnessing wildlife and adventurous safaris.

However, before you go to Zambia, you will need to get a Zambia visa so that you are allowed to enter. To help you know more about how you can obtain a visa for Zambia as an Indian national, this article has mentioned everything necessary!

Do Indians Need a Visa to Visit Zambia?

Yes, Indians do need a Zambia visa to visit Zambia. They are eligible for an electronic visa if they wish to enter Zambia. You can attain this by filling out a Zambia visa application online. Through the e-visa, Indian citizens can get the Zambia visa online, and the visa will be emailed to them. The e-visa serves as an official document permitting entry to Zambia.

With the help of the e-visa, you won't be required to go to the Zambian embassy in India. Once you reach Zambia, you should have your approval letter, and e-visa with you in case of checking by the immigration officer.

What Different Types of Visa Can Indian Nationals Obtain?

There are various visas issued for Indians. These include tourist e-visa, tourist visa, business e-visa, business visa, and transit e-visa. This wide array of visa types allows you to get a Zambian visa easily for any visit.

Suppose you wish to get a visa on arrival. In that case, you should have all your details ready to show the immigration officers, such as your personal details, passport documents, and information about your stay.

Tourist Visa

This Zambian visa allows Indian foreign nationals to stay in Zambia for 30 days as a tourist per visit. Therefore, if you are planning to enjoy the land of Zambia for a brief time and spend an enjoyable vacation, a tourist visa is for you.

You can get this visa for single, double, or multiple entries. This Zambia visa will remain valid for 3 months starting from the day of its issuance. And the processing time for this visa is 3-5 business days.

Tourist E-Visa

The tourist electronic visa is also for those who want to tour Zambia, but the electronic visa has fewer documents required. Moreover, this visa is also valid for 3 months.

However, with this visa, you can take a long vacation as it allows Indian citizens to stay in Zambia and roam for up to 90 days per visit. However, this comes at a cost, as the processing time for this visa is between 5 and 21 days. Similar to the visa for tourists, this is available as a single entry visa, double entry visa, and multiple entry visa.

Business Visa

Sometimes, you might have to visit a country for some official business. In such scenarios, business visas come to aid.

Processing times range between 3 to 5 days, and Zambia visas are available for single, double, and multiple entry visas. The validity is the same as the Zambia tourist visa, which is for 90 days.

Business E-Visa

The only difference between a business visa and a business e-visa is that an electronic visa takes more time to be processed. The maximum stay can be for 30 days only.

Hence, if you plan a business trip months prior, this might be a good option.

Transit E-Visa

The transit visa is available for single entry only, and you can stay in Zambia for no more than 7 days. This Zambia visa remains valid for 7 days only as well.

This type of visa is useful when you might have to take a small stopover in Zambia while visiting other places. This is the best option for individuals who require visas to pass through Zambia to go to another country.

What Zambia Visa Requirements do Indians need to fulfill?

Before you apply for any Zambia visa, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. When you apply online for the Zambia visa and fill out the online application form, you will be asked for your personal details. This includes a lot of basic information. Ensure that you submit an accurate and completed application form.

Be careful when you fill in this information and ensure that it is the same as mentioned in the valid passport you are using. If any suspicious activity is found in any of the official document, it can cause problems.

Some other general requirements you will have to fulfill include having a passport copy, passport photo, etc. There might be a need to submit a signed cover letter too!

It would be best if you remembered that any individual not older than 16 could not apply for a Zambia visa online on their own rather, they will be mentioned in the adult's application process.

It is good to check the visa requirements and eligibility criteria before getting a visa, as the Zambian government might change its rules.

How Can Indians Get the Zambia Visa Online?

The key to getting the Zambia visa easily and through a smooth process is with the help of VisaHQ, which facilitates applying online through their visa experts, who have ensured that the website will provide you with all the details you require.

At VisaHQ, you can fill out the visa application form and provide the necessary details and required documents, and after you pay online, you can get your e-visa through email and enter Zambia successfully by securing the visa through your email!

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