Zambia visa for Australians

Zambia is a beautiful place to travel to. It is home to the glorious Victoria Falls, and you can enjoy several national wildlife parks there too! Zambia is well known for its walking safaris!

If you wish to visit Zambia, you will need a visa as an Australian citizen. You can obtain different types of visas depending on your visit's purpose and travel plans.

Types of Visas

The different types of visas available include tourist e-visa, business e-visa, transit e-visa, and Kaza univisa.

Tourists E-Visa

Individuals can use the tourist e-visa to meet family or travel as a tourist. The validity for the tourist e-visa is for 90 days. This means that if you go to Zambia for tourism, you can only stay there for 3 months.

The tourist e-visa can either be for single entry or double entry. The processing time for the visa is somewhere between 5 days a week.

If you are under 16, you cannot get an e-visa. If you travel with someone older than you, you should be mentioned in the older person's application.

Business E-Visa

The business e-visa is for those individuals who have come to Zambia from Australia for a business visit.

The validity for the business e-visa is also 90 days. However, for this visa, you must provide a letter of incorporation. This letter will be associated with the company you are working for and its business registration.

Moreover, you will need an invitation from the business as well as from the company that is hosting you in Zambia. The inviting company should also provide the trip details such as the travel dates etc. You will need a cover letter too, but this will contain company letterhead.

Transit E-Visa

Nationals that need visas to enter Zambia and travel through on land are given transit visas. These transit visas are applicable for 7 days after arrival.

The requirements for a transit visa are the same as a tourist e-visa. However, you need to be aware of whether the land borders are open or not, as they can be closed with little or no notice.

Kaza Univisa

The Kaza univisa cannot be used everywhere. Rather, there are certain points where you can use them.

This universal allows you to travel to Zimbabwe and Zambia, both countries. Hence, you can travel to both countries with this visa.

The Kaza univisa can be used at the Victoria Falls land barrier, Kazungula Border post, Victoria Falls international airport, and the Robert Gabriel Mugabe international airport in Zambia. This visa provides access to travel to Zimbabwe.

You must provide personal details such as a driver's license copy, utility bills, and address to apply for this visa.

Moreover, you must provide details of your Zimbabwe accommodation and any previous Zimbabwe visa. Normally, the processing time for this type of visa is 2 days.

Requirements to Apply for the Visa

You will need to fulfill general visa requirements for the Zambia visa application and acquire the visa. One of these includes a copy of your Australian passport.

A passport photograph, proof of accommodation, your entire journey's itinerary, and a cover letter that you should address to the Immigration director general.

Moreover, considering the Covid 19 spread, you must have a test result that proves that you have tested negative for Covid 19 in the past week.

These are general requirements that need to be fulfilled regardless of the type of visa you are applying for to Zambia as an Australian citizen.

Zambia has no travel restrictions for Australian citizens anymore. There used to be travel restrictions due to the spread of covid 19. However, now you can easily get a permit to travel to Zambia.

Eligibility and the Application Process

It would be best if you were older than 16 to apply for the visa. Moreover, Australian citizens can conveniently fill out the visa application form online. Paying online will also require you to pay a certain visa fee. The e-visa does not require you to visit the Zambia embassy.

Australian citizens do so they can either get the visa through email or can get the visa on arrival. The process for this is that once you come to Zambia, you can go to the immigration counter and fill out the form. After submitting the form and the visa fee, you will get a visa.

In case of any issues with your Australian passport, you should immediately contact the Australian Embassy. The Australian Embassy will provide you with assistance and protect you.

How to Apply for a Zambia Visa Online?

You can conveniently and securely acquire your Zambia visa online through VisaHQ. There will be no hassle of visiting the Zambia embassy.

You need to visit VisaHQ, choose the travel destination as Zambia, and your citizenship as Australia, and you can choose the type of visa to get more information on it.

Next, you will be required to fill out the form, upload a few documents, and pay the fee. Concerned authorities will then process your documents when you go to the Zambia immigration area counter. The e-visa you acquire through VisaHQ will act as an approval letter. And this approval letter will help you enter Zambia within no time.

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