Zambia visa for Pakistani

Zambia is one of the safest countries in Africa and has some amazing landscapes that the tourists love. It is rich with safaris, remote wilderness and offers tourists to enjoy many other activities and attractions. The Pakistani nationals need Zambia visa to visit Zambia. Below are visa requirements and other details that can help Pakistani citizens in applying and getting Zambia visa online. There are different visa types such as single entry visa, double entry visa, visa on arrival, multiple entry visas issued by the Zambian government, and you can select one if you are visiting Zambia.

Zambia Tourist Visa

The Zambia tourist visa has three different categories, and each has different visa requirements. Moreover, individuals that are below the age of sixteen are not eligible to apply for Zambia e visa and fill in the online application form. They must apply for Zambia visa online along with the adult's application process and submit their Zambia visa requirements. Below are the different categories for Zambia e visa that individuals above sixteen years can apply for, if they desire an Zambia online e visa.

Zambia Single Entry Visa

The single entry Zambia tourist visa is an one time entry Zambia online e visa. This Zambia visa allows the individuals to enter Zambia only one and after their stay the visa is no longer valid. This Zambia visa has a validity of up to three months.

Zambia Multiple Entry Visas

The multiple entry Zambia tourist visa; allows applicants to visit Zambia multiple times. After the Zambia online application is approved. The applicant with this Zambia visa for Pakistani citizens enter Zambia more than two times and leave as their desire within the period of validity of the Zambia visa. This Zambia visa comes with a validity of up to three months.

Zambia Double Entry Visa

The double entry Zambia tourist visa allows the individuals to enter and leave Zambia only two times. The applicant must complete Zambia visa requirements and submit the visa. This visa also comes with a validity of up to three months that is only valid after its approval.

Zambia Business Visa

Pakistani citizens can apply for this Zambia visa, if they intend to visit for business purposes. This Zambia visa can be applied online or through Zambia embassy. After completing the Zambia visa requirements, the applicant must submit all the completed Zambia visa requirements and application form, the applicant can get the approval letter to travel to Zambia. The Zambia business visa is also available as single entry, multiple entry and double entry visas with validities of up to three months.

Zambia Visa On Arrival

Unfortunately, Zambia visa on arrival facility is not available for Pakistani citizens. The Pakistani citizens need to apply online or through the Zambia consulate or embassy.

Zambia Visa Application for Pakistani Nationals

Zambia e visa application for Pakistani citizens is quite simple to fill and submit. Pakistani citizens have to get their online application form, fill the form and then sign it. Submit the form along with visa fees through credit or debit card and wait for Zambia online visa approval letter. Once received, Pakistani citizens can book tickets and travel to Zambia.

You can complete the required documents and visit Zambia embassy to apply for Zambia visa or you can visit VisaHQ and apply online for Zambia e visa.

Zambia Visa Requirements

Knowing Zambia visa requirements is essential because this can help with your Zambia visa application process. Following travel document are the general required documents for the Zambia visa for Pakistani citizens. Therefore, make sure to complete these Zambia visa requirements before applying online for the Zambia visa.

  • A valid passport is required. The passport must have the page with your information on it and should be valid for at least six months after your date of departure from the Zambia borders.

  • Passport size picture is required and should be taken with straight face, and neutral expressions.

  • Hotel reservation details must be present to proof accommodation in Zambia.

  • Proof or official document stating confirmed tickets information for Zambia and also a ticket itinerary is required stating date to exit and enter Zambia. Return ticket should also be available, if applicable.

  • A complete cover letter is required that answer questions from the immigration officers. The cover letter must state your passport number, your name, traveling purpose, e mail, stay period, accommodation and other details related to your travel to Zambia must be covered in the cover letter for Zambia visa.

  • If applicable, Invitation letter is also required. This is only applicable if you are invited by a friend, an organization or business partner to enter Zambia. Remember, your friend, business partner or organization should be present in Zambia at the time of visa application.

  • If you are applying for Zambia visas through an invitation from the business organization. Then, you have to submit the Zambia business registration of the inviting company present in Zambia.

Zambia Visa Fee

The visa fee for all the Zambia tourist visa and business visa varies based on the processing time and category of the visa. The single entry tourist visa has a visa fee of $85.00, the double entry visa has a fee of $100.00 and the multiple entry visa has a fee of $135.00. The business visa fee for single entry visa is around $95.00. The visa fee for double entry business visa is around $110.00 and the business visa fee for multiple entry visas is around $145.00.

Zambia Visa Processing Time

The processing time for each Zambia visa category is different based on the urgency of the visa and type of the visa. The most urgent visas generally take less processing time but cost more. Similarly, the least urgent visas take longer application process time but cost lesser. However, generally, the application process time for all the Zambia e visa is around five to twenty-one days. The urgent visas generally takes around 5 business days while the least urgent visas can take up to twenty-one days to process.

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