Netherlands ETIAS

Netherlands ETIAS is available to visitors coming from visa exempt countries, but they must meet the requirements to get it.

The ETIAS approval is a relatively new concept in Schengen Europe, so many are not quite conversant with the program. To help applications navigate this, we throw more light on ETIAS and reveal the application process and how to get it, in this article.

Netherlands ETIAS

The European Travel Information and Authorization program or system (ETIAS) is a visa waiver program designed by the European Commission to strengthen the security of European countries. The program is set to come into full effect in 2024 but will be tested in the coming months of 2023.

Countries in the Schengen region already practice a borderless policy which does two things; their citizens are allowed to move freely from country to country without the need to show a visa at the entry point.

Secondly, their membership in the Schengen union allows all countries in the union to issue Schengen visas. 

This means that a traveler with a Schengen visa issued by one Schengen country can use the same visa to enter another country as long as the visa are valid. But who is ETIAS for? Let us find out.

Who Is ETIAS For?

ETIAS is not for citizens of Schengen countries or travelers who require visas to enter the Netherlands. 

This approval or document is for citizens who could previously enter the Schengen zone without visas. Although they can still do so without visas, the only policy change is that they must obtain ETIAS approval first. It is important to note that ETIAS is not a visa but a verification process of the traveler's Identity.

Once a traveler's application is approved, they can freely travel within the Schengen zone for 90 days, the same as before the introduction of ETIAS.

Why The Need For ETIAS?

There was a need for ETIAS in light of the immigration and security challenges that had rocked many EU countries over the last few years. To properly track visitor inflows, the European Commission introduced the proposal for ETIAS and started working on it in 2016. The EU hopes the system will properly vet visitors from visa exempt countries.

How Will ETIAS Work? 

Once applicants submit their information for ETIAS, the system will run it against several security databases. This security check will take only a few minutes, and if it gets an all-clear, the ETIAS documents will be sent to the applicant's email address.

The system is designed to collate traveler information and track movements from one European capital or city to the next.

Reasons Why ETIAS Application May Be Declined

An applicant's application may be declined for the following reasons.

Human Trafficking: If the applicant has a history of human trafficking and has been convicted, their ETIAS application will likely be declined.

Drug Trafficking: ETIAS approval may be withdrawn if the applicant is a convicted drug trafficker and any security database holds that information.

Terrorism: This is another major reason why an Etias application for the Netherlands may be declined. Those who have ties to terrorist organizations are on the terror watch-list or have been convicted of terrorist crimes will not be issued this ETIAS permit.

During the security vetting process, one of two things will happen if the system registers a hit with any of the databases. Either the application will be declined or forwarded to the ETIAS arbitration committee of the Netherlands. This process may take a few days to several weeks for the team to analyze the application using data.

At the end of the process, the applicant will be issued the approval or informed that their application had been rejected.

Netherlands ETIAS Requirements

To apply for ETIAS, the applicant must submit the following documents

Biometric Passport: The applicant needs a biometric passport that will not expire in the next six months from the day they enter the Netherlands. Note that ETIAS is attached to the applicant's passport.  

Information: They must provide their passport number, issue and expiry dates, brief medical history, work, and education experience and qualifications, visits to war zones if any, visits to pandemic zones, if any, criminal record where applicable, countries where the applicant was deported from if any.

Applicants are advised to always provide valid information so that their applications will not be rejected because of false information.

What Is The ETIAS Application Fee?

 The application fee is $7 and is not refundable. This fee doesn't guarantee that you will be issued the ETIAS approval, as it is only for processing. You can pay the fee using a credit or debit card.

All visitors coming to the Netherlands or any Schengen country must apply for Netherlands ETIAS before they can enter. ETIAS is not a visa but a security check. Visit VisaHQ to apply for your ETIAS approval today.

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