Netherlands schengen visa application form

The Netherlands Schengen visa application form is the document used to collate your information for the purpose of visa application. When filling out the application form, you must provide valid information that matches what is on your travel document; otherwise, your application will be rejected.

How To Fill Out A Netherlands Schengen Visa Application Form

Here is how you fill out the Netherlands Schengen visa application form.

Download the form: First, start by downloading the form online and printing it out. There are PDF versions of the Schengen form online which you can download for free. After downloading and printing, here are the sections you must fill out.

Personal Information Section

The personal information section requires your personal data, such as the following.

Surname: Your family name is required; make sure you write it out as it is written in your passport.

First name: Your First name should also be written as is shown in your passport.

There is also a section for your date of birth, place of birth, the month of birth, and country of birth. The form has a special section for your nationality, gender, and civil status. For the civil status, indicate whether you are married, divorced, widowed or single. Note that married persons must provide valid documents to prove their status.

Address: Your current address, phone number, and email address are required.

Current Occupation: The authorities would like to know where you work and your profession

Education:  This information is required for students of higher institutions.

Travel Information

Under this section, you must provide answers regarding your trip. Here is the information required

Primary Destination: Although the Schengen visa allows you to travel to multiple countries in the zone, you must indicate the first or primary country you plan to travel to.

Document Type: This section is for the type of passport you have, which may be an ordinary passport, diplomatic passport, service passport, etc.

Passport Number: The passport number must be filled out as it is on your passport.

Issue/Expiry Date: The issue and expiry date must be included. Endeavor to provide the correct date and also provide the authority that issued the passport.

Trip Purpose: There is a section for you to indicate the purpose of your trip. Tick the box that describes your purpose, which may be business, family visits, tourism, or business.

After completing all the sections, sign the form and attach it to other documents that will be required of you and submit it at the embassy.

Can You Fill out A Netherlands Schengen Visa By Hand?

Schengen visas are meant to be filled out by hand, but you may choose to type and print it out before signing it. Typing is best for those whose handwriting is difficult to read.

Can A Schengen Visa Form Expire?

Schengen visa forms cannot expire if you have not attached a date to them. The form is valid as long as it contains the right information and hasn’t been dated.


What Documents Must I Attach A Schengen Visa Application Form To?

You must attach the form to the following documents

Passport: A valid passport with a minimum of 3 months validity from the date you intend to depart the Schengen country. The passport must have at least two blank pages for immigration stamps.

Proof of Financial Means: Every Schengen country has minimum daily expenses the visitor must have, and the embassy will request proof of that amount.

Proof of Accommodation: The hotel house address where you will reside during your visit.

Travel Insurance: A travel medical insurance to cover medical bills and emergencies should you fall ill. The minimum cover is €30,000

Photograph: Two recent passport-sized photographs that meet all the Schengen requirements.

Itinerary: A copy of your travel Itinerary showing the arrival and departure date.

Civil Status: This document is optional for married or divorced couples. You can use a marriage, divorce, or death certificate to prove Civil Status.

These basic documents, in addition to any other document, should be merged into the completed application form and submitted for processing at the embassy.

How To Submit Your Application Form And Documents

You will need to book an appointment with the embassy to submit your documents and the application form. The official on duty will collect your documents and ask questions about your trip. The information you provide is what will be used to process your application for the visa.

When filling out the Netherlands Schengen visa application form, endeavor to provide only valid information that matches what you have on your passport and other documents. The visa officer will also request a visa application fee paid via visa bank transfer or with a credit or debit card.

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