Tourist visa for Netherlands from India

Netherlands is known for its windmills, beautiful land, and amazing beaches that attracts a lot of tourists to the country. If you are an Indian wanting to travel to the Netherlands, then you will need a visa to visit Netherlands or any other Schengen countries. Below are different type of visa that you can apply at the Dutch embassy in India to get your visa and visit Netherlands as per your purpose.

Different Visa Types

There are different visas you can apply for based on how long you want to stay and your reason for traveling to the Netherlands:

  1. Schengen visa – if you want to visit the Netherlands for 90 days or less for business, conference, visiting relatives/friends, tourism & religious reasons

  2. Long-stay visa – if you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you may need a residence permit. You may have to apply for a long-stay visa before you travel to the Netherlands. This visa is also called an authorization for temporary stay (MVV).  These visas are typically issued for employment, study/training, family reunion etc. See the embassy’s website for more information

  3. Airport transit visa – if you want to transfer at an airport in the Netherlands

Netherland Tourist Visa

The Netherlands tourist visa can be applied as single or multiple entry

Single/Multiple validity up to 3 months process time 15 Business Days 20257.64 INR

Child 06-12 years validity up to 3 months processing duration 15 Business Days 18357.64 INR

Maximum stay 90 days

Netherland Business Visa

Single/Multiple validity up to 3 months processing duration 15 Business Days 24977.64 INR

Maximum stay 90 days

Netherland Visa Requirements

  • Completed application form

  • 2 passport size photos

  • A valid passport whose validity will exceed the duration of the visa you apply for by three months with at least two blank pages

  • Proof of hotel bookings, flight bookings and a detailed plan of your activities during the duration of your stay

  • Copy of your return ticket flight reservation

  • A cover letter stating the purpose of your visit to Netherlands and your itinerary

  • Proof of having enough finances to support your travel and stay in the country

  • Proof of accommodation for your stay in Netherland

  • Recent statement from your bank

  • Proof of having a valid medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros from an insurance company approved by the Schengen countries

Additional documents required include:

  • Invitation letter from any family member or a sponsor if applicable

  • Statement from your bank of the last six months

Before you apply for a tourist visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements and have the required travel documents. Ensure that you pay the required fees for the visa

Netherland Visa Process for Travelers from India

Visa applications should be submitted for a maximum of 6 months, and no later than 15 days, before the trip. You can apply for the visa through VisaHQ visa service. However, if you are an individual that is traveling for the first time then your visa can be applied through VisaHQ services, but you will have to appear at the Netherland embassy in India as per the government policy. Here is how you can apply for a Netherland short stay tourist visa through VisaHQ.

Netherland Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Netherlands short-stay visa may take up to 15 days. According to your specific situation this period may be extended up to 30 days. Exceptional cases may take up to 60 days, since the Dutch embassies may have to consult with other Schengen consulates.

To avoid any delay in the issuance of your Dutch short-stay visa, you should submit your application as soon as possible, though not earlier than three months before you travel to the Netherlands.

Is there an Admission Fee, Monthly Fee or Any Other Additional Fee Charged for Visa?

transaction fee charged for visa fee paid online. If mutual funds then show proof. additional fee for services is also charged.

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