Netherlands schengen visa photo requirements

Two passport photographs are required to complete the process when applying for a Schengen visa, but many applications are denied because the wrong photos are used. To avoid application rejections, you need to know the Netherlands Schengen visa photo requirements before you prepare and submit your documents for approval.

The photo requirements are the same for all Schengen countries and all visa types, so this page will provide you with the invaluable information you need to ensure that your visa photos meet qualifying Schengen visa application guidelines.

So without further ado, let us review the Schengen visa photo size requirements

Size Specifications

All photos for Schengen visas must meet the standard guideline for size, which is 35x45mm. Photographs that exceed or are less than this visa photo size will not be accepted by the visa officer.


The application requires two identical passport photos.


At least 70% of the photo should show your head clearly. It is fine if your head covers more than 70% of the image.

White Background


 The photos must have a white background, not a patterned or colored background. This is an important requirement not to overlook.

Facial Expression

Applicants must maintain a neutral facial expression when looking at the camera. No frowning or smiling allowed. Your mouth should be closed for the shot.

Special Effects

The passport photo must not contain special effects like red eyes, shadows, or reflections. Only natural shots are accepted.

Head Coverings

Applicants are not allowed to wear caps or any head covering that will alter their appearance. Religious headgear like a turban or hijab is allowed but must not cover the face.


Glasses are not accepted unless medically recommended, and must have a white lens. If you must wear glasses it must not distort your facial features.

Matching Colors

Avoid wearing clothes with colors that match the background. Since the approved background color is white, avoid wearing a white shirt.

Kindly note that the Netherlands embassy will reject photographs that do not meet these requirements, and your application will be rejected on account of this alone.

These are the photo requirements of the Netherlands embassy for Schengen visa applications. The requirements are the same for all Schengen countries.

Do All Visitors To The Netherlands Need A Schengen Visa?

You need this visa if you are not from the EU or a visa-free country. However, if you are from a visa-free country like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, or the US, you don’t need this visa unless you plan to stay for more than 90 days.

What Can I Use A Schengen Visa For?

You can use the visa to enter the Schengen Area for up to 90 days. The borderless policy of member states makes it possible for visa holders to transit from one country to another unhindered as long as their visa is valid. All 26 countries in the Area recognize this visa, but the visitors must go to the issuing country before traveling to the others.  

You can use it to visit for tourism, attend business meetings, visit family and friends, and for other short-term visits that will not exceed three months. You can also use it to attend sporting and cultural events or for charity.

Schengen Visa Processing Time

After submitting your application form and documents, you may have to wait up to 15 calendar days to get the visa. Keep checking your status for updates, so you know when it is out.

Processing Fee

Minors pay €40, while the fee for adults is €80. There are no fees for applicants below six years or charity volunteers.

Single or Multiple Entry Visa

A single entry visa can only be used once and is for infrequent visitors who have no plans to return to rye Netherlands in a very long time, often beyond 12 months. 

However, a multiple-entry visa is your best bet if you plan to visit several times a year. To save less, apply for a new visa after every few months, and you save a lot in application fees. Multiple entry visas have much longer validity than the standard 180 days.

Schengen Visa Documents

Before you submit your application at the embassy, here are the documents you need to attach to the application form. Ensure that they are yours and are valid or your risk application rejection.

  • Valid passport (6 months validity and two blank pages minimum)

  • Two recent passport photographs

  • Return flight ticket itinerary

  • Signed cover letter

  • Proof of funds (€34 daily minimum expense)

  • Travel medical insurance (€30,000 minimum coverage)

  • Proof of accommodation

Your application will be accepted if these documents are in order and your photos meet the Netherlands Schengen visa photo requirements.

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