Visa for Netherlands from South Africa

Like any other Schengen country, the Netherlands is known for its beauty and amazing tourist attractions. You will need a visa if you want to bask in the Netherlands beaches and explore the Schengen country. You can apply for an airport transit visa, residence permit, transit visa, or any of the visas from the following categories. Residents of the non-Schengen country will need a valid visa applied through a visa application center, Dutch embassy, or consulate or Netherlands embassy.

Short Stay Schengen Visa

The following categories of short stay Schengen visa can be availed when traveling from South Africa to the Netherlands. Visa applicants must complete their travel document before applying for their visa to the Netherlands.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa application is simple. You have to complete the required documents and then submit your application. It is a single entry and multiple entry visa with validity for up to ninety days. The processing time for a tourist visa is approximately 15 business days. However, if applicable, check the travel restrictions for the Schengen states before applying for a tourist visa.

To get your Schengen visa appointments, you can contact the Dutch embassy in your country and ask for an appointment and additional information for a Schengen visa. Alternatively, you can contact VisaHQ and get help getting your visa for the Netherlands.

Business Visa

The business visa application is similar to the tourist visa application. Get your Netherlands application form from VisaHQ, complete your online form and the required documents, and submit your application. Business visa for the Netherlands can also be applied through the Netherlands embassy or consulate. It is a single entry and multiple entry visa with visa validity and a short stay of up to ninety days. The processing times for this visa are around 15 business days.

However, when applying for a long stay or short stay Schengen visa, it is recommended to apply for a visa as early as possible because the visa applications and visa application process can take longer. Moreover, Dutch embassy or consulate time slots are generally occupied, so to acquire a Schengen visa to the Netherlands, vis applicants must keep the time margin in mind.

Emergency Visa with Immigration and Naturalisation Service

Suppose you require emergency visa appointments for events such as a funeral or illness or must urgently visit your family in the Netherlands. A family member present in the Netherlands can help you get an emergency visa.

This is done with the help of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), which holds power to decide whether you are eligible to get an emergency Schengen visa to the Netherlands or not. To apply for this visa for the Netherlands, you must contact Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and complete all the necessary Netherlands visa requirements.

These are not short stay Schengen visa but simple short stay visa for the Netherlands. The visa applicants can only travel to the Netherlands and visit the Netherlands as these are not Schengen visas, so they cannot visit other Schengen countries.

Schengen Visa Requirement

A short stay Schengen visa requires the following documents to be completed along with other documents per the visa application. After completing the documents, you must submit your application and complete the visa application process.

  • Visa application form signed by visa applicants and completed.

  • Valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least 180 day period after the expected departure from the Netherlands. The passport must be valid till the visa validity of the applicant in the destination country.

  • Passport copy.

  • Passport type photographs with white background.

  • Proof of status of immigration such as residence permit, educational institution documents attested by the ministry of foreign affairs, an ID card with trace code, etc.

  • Health and travel insurance

  • Travel itinerary

  • Bank Statement

  • Accommodation proof

  • Employment letter

  • Birth certificate

  • Copy of the previous passport if applicable.

Schengen Visa Fee

Knowing the Schengen visa fee is important if you travel from South Africa to the Netherlands. Not only is it important for a visa for the Netherlands, but also any other short stay visa or long stay visa. Therefore, if you are traveling from South Africa to the Netherlands, then you will have to pay a Schengen visa fee along with your visa application.

The visa fee for a Netherlands visa is around 5300 ZAR for a Schengen country tourist visa and 5300 ZAR for a Schengen country business visa application. You have to submit this visa fee at the time of your visa application, along with the travel document required by your visa application centre. For further details regarding valid visa applications and other travel document to travel to the Netherlands or to know about travel restrictions, and the application process for certain countries, you can contact VisaHQ.

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