Netherlands schengen visa documents checklist

So you have decided to apply for a Schengen visa to the Netherlands and are unsure of the documents you will need to submit for your application? Our stock in trade is to provide visa application information to travelers, and below we have the updated Netherlands Schengen visa documents checklist to guide you. Review our checklist and prepare all the documents before visiting your country's embassy.

Netherlands Schengen Visa Documents Checklist

According to the statutory requirements of all visitors coming to the Netherlands and the greater Schengen Area, visitors applying for Schengen visas must provide the following documents.

Visa Application Form: The visa application form is a document that contains the personal data of the applicant, from their full names to their gender, age, date of birth, nationality, and much more. The form is divided into different sections; each must be filled out correctly. Also, the form must be dated and signed by you to make it valid.

Passport Photos: You must submit two identical photographs that meet Schengen visa requirements. For instance, the applicant's face must be clear, with the image printed on a white background. Glasses should not be worn; only photos taken in the last six months are accepted for visa applications. The guidelines for visa applications are strict and must be followed in the letter.

Valid Passport: You will need a valid passport not older than ten years from when you use it. It must also have a minimum of three months' validity beyond your departure date from the Netherlands. The embassy will also require the passport to have a minimum of two empty pages for visa stickers and immigration stamps.

Previous Visas: If you have been issued a previous visa in the past, you may be required to submit it for further review. Having previous visas may actually boost your chances of landing the new Schengen visa you are applying for.

Medical Travel Insurance: All visitors to the Netherlands or any Schengen country will require valid travel insurance for medical emergencies such as injuries or illness. In the case of death, the insurance will be used to repatriate the applicant's corpse back to their home country. The minimum coverage is €30,000.

Round Trip Itinerary: You must show the embassy a round trip itinerary with dates for your flight bookings, details, dates, numbers, and other details. The itinerary must also show the arrival and departure dates on both flight tickets.

Proof of Accommodation:  The embassy will want to know where you intend to stay once you arrive in the Netherlands. 

You may provide a hotel booking or Airbnb reservation as proof. Or better still, you may provide a house address where a family member or friend will accommodate you.

Proof of Civil Status: Depending on your circumstances, you may need documents to prove your civil status, and there are numerous documents they may request; a death certificate, birth certificate, or marriage certificate may be required.

Proof of Financial Means: The proof of financial means will be a stamped financial statement containing sufficient amounts to cover expenses while in the Netherlands. How much you will need will depend on the total number of days you will stay in the country. The minimum daily amount is €34, so you must multiply this by the number of days.

Cover Letter: A. Over letter written and signed by you is required explaining why you wish to visit the Netherlands and what your plans are during your stay.

Employment documents: Self-employed Persons will require a bank account statement for the last six months, a letter of leave issued by their employment, and their Income tax return. If you are self-employed, you will need a copy of your business or operating license, income tax returns, and bank statements for six months.

Apart from these documents, the applicant may be required to submit additional documents, and this is at the discretion of the visa officer at the embassy.

What Is The Visa Processing Time?

The visa processing time is 15 calendar days after the embassy receives the application, but you may need to add a week or two in case of delays. To be on the safe side, we advise applying for the visa at least 6 weeks before the day you wish to travel.

How Many Countries Can You Visit?

The Netherlands is not the only country you can visit with a visa issued by the Dutch embassy. You can also visit 26 other Schengen countries, including Cyprus, Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria. This is a multinational visa accepted by almost all European countries.

Now that you know the Netherlands Schengen visa documents checklist, arrange all the documents and submit them to the embassy for processing.

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