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Germany tourist visa application, requirements, price, and processing time

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Are you a globetrotter who loves to visit different countries of the world from time to time? Are you planning to spend your holidays in another country? Germany should be on your bucket list of countries if you have not visited a Western European country before, but to enter Germany, you will need a Germany Tourist Visa. The tourist visa application process has never been easier than it is today, so visitors can now apply and get theirs at short notice.

Tourism in Germany

Germany is located in Western Europe and is a top tourist destination for tourists who troop in every year to enjoy the amazing sights and sounds the country offers. The country has a rich and illustrious history with majestic castles and museums, picturesque landscapes, rich wildlife, and amazing festivals like the legendary Oktoberfest beer festival.

The safety and security make it a welcoming short-term abode for tourists, and commuting from one city to another is seamless due to the world-class transport facilities.

Those planning to spend time in Germany will surely enjoy the experience as there is so much to see in the country.

Do I Need A Tourist Visa To Visit Germany?

This will depend on your nationality. If you are from an EU country, you can travel to Germany without a visa, but if you are not, you need a German Schengen visa. The Federal Republic of Germany is a member of the European Union and has been a member of the Schengen region for years, so citizens from these regions can freely enter and exit the country with only their passports.

Others who are not citizens of the region need national visas issued by the German embassy.

Germany Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is a short-stay visa for no EU citizens. The visa allows the holder to stay in the country for 90 days maximum and is valid for 180 days. Holders of the German tourist visa may enter Germany by air or sea, allowing them to travel to any part of the country for vacation or sightseeing. However, the applicant must provide travel information about the places they wish to visit and their entry and exit date.

What You Should Know

Germany operates very strict immigration rules, and many argue that their system is one of the strictest in Europe. This visa is only issued for tourism, not work, study, or other purposes. You will be sanctioned if caught working on a tourist visa. Sanctions range from fines to deportation or imprisonment and bans in the worst cases.

Furthermore, tourists are not allowed to overstay their visas beyond the 90 days of grace. Furthermore, they are advised to obtain the right type of visa to suit their needs. Single-entry visas can only be used once, while double-entry visas can be used twice. If you wish to visit Germany several times but wish to save yourself the trouble of applying for the visa before every trip, you may need to apply for a multiple-entry visa.

Germany Tourist Visa Requirements

Want are the tourist visa application requirements for this visa?

There are more than a few requirements, but remember that it will depend on your passport. While the German government may request certain supporting documents from some nationals same may not be required from other nationals. Here are the common documents all applicants must provide.

Visa Application Form: A visa application form containing information about the applicant. Endeavor to present personal details; otherwise, your application will be rejected.

Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and contain nothing less than 2 pages for visa stickers. Copies of old passports and visas are required if available.

Photos: 2 recent passport photographs in colored form. The photographs should be taken on a white background showing your face, shoulders, and neck clearly.

Travel Itinerary: Copy of your travel Itinerary showing the date of arrival and departure, places you plan to visit, and other details.

Reserved return flight ticket: A reserved flight ticket for your return trip to your country.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance medical cover with a minimum of €30,000 for potential medical expenses. The insurance issuer must be recognized by the German government, consulates and embassies worldwide.

Proof of accommodation: Proof of accommodation such as a hotel reservation or a contact address where you will stay.

Proof of funds: A statement of account for the last 6 months showing the sufficient balance to cover your expenses.

Sponsorship Letter: A sponsorship Letter if you will not be responsible for funding the trip.

How To Apply For A Germany Tourist Visa

You can apply for a Germany tourist visa on VisaHQ by following these simple steps.

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Pick Germany as your destination

  • Select your country of citizenship

  • Choose “Tourist visa”

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach all relevant documents

  • Pay the visa fee with a credit or debit card

  • Submit for approval

The Germany tourist visa online application is fast and easy on VisaHQ. After submitting the form, the visa will be forwarded to your email in a few days.

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Germany Visa Policy

The Federal Republic of Germany operates the same Schengen visa policy as other European Schengen countries. The countries in the Union are classified as nation-states in the Schengen area, which characterizes freedom of movement of man and materials, security, and justice. Countries in the Schengen Area are members of the European Union and a few other member states. This policy allows visitors to enter the Schengen Area by land, air, or sea and stay for up to 90 days within a period of 6 months.

Currently, 23 European Union members and 4 non-European Union countries called EFTA members have adopted the Schengen visa policy. Other countries not part of the Union but have adopted a partial policy similar to Schengen are Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland. The Republic of Ireland is no longer a part of the Schengen Area but operates its visa policy different from Germany and other Schengen countries.

Visa-Free Countries To Germany

Germany has a special category for visa-free visitors based on their nationality. This category is influenced by the Schengen visa policy, so you will find the same countries in the list of other Schengen countries. They are

  • EFTA member states
  • European Union

There is also a freedom of movement rule which specifies the movement of citizens of the European Economic Area, the European Union, and the European Free Trade Association member states.

There is also a visa waiver program for nations on the visa-free list whose citizens can stay in Germany for 90 days within 180 days. These visitors can visit for leisure, business or transit visitors but they can't study or work in the country nor can they reside permanently without visas issued by the German consulate abroad.

Note: Citizens from these countries don’t need visas to enter Germany but must apply for ETIAS Approval.

Countries With Shared Schengen Visa Policy With Germany

These 27 countries operate the same visa policy as Germany. Most are members of the Schengen Union, while EU and EFTA nations complete the list.

  • Austria – Croatia – Belgium – Czech Republic – Estonia – Denmark – France – Finland – Greece – Italy – Iceland - Liechtenstein – Latvia – Luxembourg – Hungary - Malta– Lithuania – Netherlands – Norway – Portugal – Poland – Slovenia – Slovakia – Sweden – Spain – Switzerland - Croatia

Note: Kindly note that entries into the Schengen Union are currently ongoing with Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus set to join in future if they can meet the entry requirements. However, these countries still adhere to selected Schengen protocols despite not being Schengen countries.

Types of Germany Visa

You can apply for Etias approval online if you are from a visa-exempt country, or you can visit the German consulate or embassy in your country to submit a visa application. If you only wish to visit for a short time or you would like to visit two or more countries in the region, you can do so on a Schengen visa. Currently, Schengen visas are only issued by the German embassies abroad, but there is a proposal in place to make such applications online. Once the new policy change is adopted, interested short-term visitors will only need to submit their application abroad while the Schengen portal will decide which country should issue the visa.

  You can apply for Etias approval using VisaHQ’s secured online portal to get your application across to the authorities.

Germany ETIAS

The European Travel Information and Authorization System, also called ETIAS, is a visa waiver program for pre-screening visitors coming to Europe from visa-exempt countries. Although such visitors are allowed to enter Germany without a visa, the rule, which is set to become fully active in 2024, is already in motion for visa-free visitors.

Before now, eligible visa-free visitors only required valid passports to enter the Schengen Area, but all that is set to change starting in 2024.

Moving forward, they will have to apply for Etias approval before they leave their countries for Germany or any other Schengen country, for that matter. The European Council proposed establishing a program to protect the region from terrorists and immigration flows that jeopardize the peace and security of the region. 

The program will be used to identify travelers that pose risks to the region and bar them from entry.

The Main Goals of ETIAS

This pre-screening program for visa-free visitors will be used to do the following.

Perform Advanced Checks

Visitors coming from visa-free countries will have to apply for approval. The system will run advanced checks on the applicant and will deny them authorization if they are seen as a potential risk or threat to the European Union.  This fulfills the main goal of identifying and denying persons who pose security threats to the country entry.

Improve Internal Security

ETIAS will be used to improve the internal security of all member states by tracking the entry and exit of visitors from country to country. By reinforcing the borders of Germany and other EU countries, the continent is made much safer.

Prevent Illegal Immigration

To Combat the wave of illegal migration, ETIAS will be deployed on a full scale from 2024. This system will be used to prevent illegal Immigration into Germany and other member states. Visitors who enter illegally or have overstayed their visas will be identified, tracked down, arrested, and deported to their country of origin.

Limit Health Risk

In light of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the globe and especially in EU countries, ETIAS will be used as an effective tool to identify persons coming from vulnerable countries who may pose public health risks to the wider EU population.

Reduce Border Delays

It will also be used to reduce delays at the border so visitors can be cleared quickly so they can continue with their journey to any location of their choice.

How Long Can I Stay In Germany With ETIAS?

As a visitor with ETIAS approval, you are allowed to stay in Germany or within the wider Schengen area for up to 90 days per visit, but this must be within 180 days from the first day you arrive on German soil.

Information And Items For ETIAS Application

Valid Passport: Your valid passport is the most important document for our Etias application. Based on Germany and the overall Schengen visa policy, only passports that will remain valid for at least three months after the day you depart will be accepted. Furthermore, your passport must be machine readable with a digitized section on the page with your biometric data. If your passport expires in less time, you should get a passport renewal first before applying.

Email Address: You will need to use a valid email address since the application is done online. The ETIAS system will use your email to keep you updated regarding the status of your application. Furthermore, the email will be used to alert you when the ETIAS is about to expire so you can apply for a new one. You will need a backup email, a main telephone number, a backup phone number, and your current and personal information.

Travel Details: The track details should include vital information about the countries you intend to visit apart from Germany. How long you plan to stay, flight ticket number, accommodation, and other details must be provided. Bear in mind that this information must be accurate.

Credit or Debit Card: A credit or debit card for paying the ETIAS application fee online. Minors are not required to pay this fee.

Port of Entry

Airports: Frankfurt Airport – Munich International Airport – Hamburg Airport – Frankfurt – Hahn Airport – Dusseldorf International Airport – Cologne Bonn Airport – Dortmund Airport – Berlin Schofield Airport – Leipzig /Halle Airport – Stuttgart Airport – Bremen Airport – Albrecht Durer Airport – Memmingen Airport – Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen – Dresden Airport – Weeze Airport – Hannover Airport – Flughafen Karlsruhe Airport – Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Rostock Laage Airport – Heringsdorf Airport – Airport Mochengladbach – Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport – City Airport Mannheim

Border Crossings: Germany – Austria border, Germany – Belgium border – Germany – Czech Republic border, Germany – Denmark border, Germany – France border, Germany – Luxembourg border, Germany – Netherlands border, Germany – Poland border, Germany – Switzerland border.

Key Information About The Germany ETIAS Approval

Use: This travel approval is not a visa, nor can it be used for work or study. It is mainly for tourism, brief stopovers in Germany, visits to family and friends, business trips, recreational activities, and meeting or conference participation.

90/180 Rule: All ETIAS visitors to Germany are expected to respect the 90/180 rule. This rule simply states that visitors must not stay more than 90 days within a six months period in the Schengen Area. The days are calculated from the day you set foot in Germany or any other Schengen country and the last. If you spent up to 90 days in the Schengen Area, you must wait another 6 months before your next trip.

Rule of First Entry: Another rule to bear in mind is the rule of First entry. If you plan to visit more countries apart from Germany, you should apply for the country you intend to land first or the country you plan to spend more time. Furthermore, your Etias information must contain all the countries you intend to visit.

Use The Same Passport: The passport you travel with must be the same passport you use for your Etias registration. This is because the permit is linked to the passport, and border agents will use it to generate the approval. Traveling with a different passport will lead to entry denial.

Not Transferable or Convertible: You cannot transfer your ETIAS to another person, nor can you convert it to a visa. If you wish to spend more than 90 days in Germany, you should pay for a visa instead.

Germany Visa Online – Get your Germany e-Visa with VisaHQ

Did you know that you can apply for a visa to Germany online rather than through any of the country’s foreign missions abroad? VisaHQ provides applicants with the resources and the tools to complete the application from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones and computer, and you can do the same.

How To Apply For ETIAS With VisaHQ?

To apply for ETIAS with VisaHQ, you only need a smartphone and strong internet broadband to get by. You don’t need an agent, as our process is specially designed to assist you.

Here are a few steps to take.

Fill out the Form: You can fill out the ETIAS form on our platform. Among the information you will need to provide is your full name (as they appear on your passport), gender, age, date of birth, travel Itinerary, passport information, and countries you wish to visit, etc. Make sure your details are accurate.

Attach the required documents: You will need to scan and upload a copy of your passport and any other necessary documents. After uploading them, submit them for approval.

Get Your ETIAS: The Etias Approval will be forwarded to the email you provide after a few minutes. If there are complications, your application will be forwarded to the manual unit in Germany for review, and you will be briefed soonest.

Why Use VisaHQ?

If you use VisaHQ, you enjoy a seamless and stress-free application process. We will provide you with

  • Technical Support
  • Protect your information
  • Enable you to apply for as many visas as you want at once
  • Application tracking so you know your status

Many international travelers trust us with their online visa applications and you should do the same. Please navigate to our main page now to get started.

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