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Germany is one of the most popular countries to be visited by travelers. The country has a lot to offer regarding food, scenic views, history, and culture.

Since the Covid 19 pandemic, many things have been affected, and travel has been one of the biggest aspects. There were many travel restrictions to curb the virus's spread.

Therefore, to travel to Germany, you had to know the Covid 19 rules beforehand and see if you could travel. As Covid 19 is not as rampant as it used to be, the restrictions have been lifted slowly, and this article will share the Covid 19 rules and policies still in measure for the German Schengen visa.

Covid 19 Affect on Germany Travel

As the Covid 19 pandemic happened, entry restrictions were placed on travelers from all countries, whether they were third countries or not. Even though many restrictions have been lifted, some remain specifically in variant areas. Therefore, if you come to Germany from any of these areas, the German government and the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany will require you to provide a negative test result and impose quarantine regulations for a few days.

When Were the Entry Restrictions Lifted?

In July 2022, all types of restrictions due to Covid 19 were lifted. Therefore, travelers could travel to Germany for whatever purpose they wanted, such as tourism, business purposes, etc. The Coronavirus entry regulations had been eased, and people were allowed to enter Germany for travel purposes.

Which are Areas of Concern?

Despite the restrictions being lifted, if you belong to an area of concern where a variant has spread or originated, then further restrictions will be applied.

You will be subject to certain restrictions if you belong to that area of concern or have traveled there in the past 10 days and are coming to Germany. Transport companies will not be allowed to bring in people from the countries.

If you belong to any risk area, you must provide your Covid 19 vaccination certificate and a negative test result. Moreover, you will be asked to quarantine for 14 days as well. You must ensure that you have been vaccinated with the vaccines approved by the German government.

For the 14-day quarantine, you must self-isolate. You will not be allowed to leave the place you are staying in, and as soon as you enter Germany, you must go directly to where you are supposed to stay. If you break these rules and do not follow quarantine policy, you may have to face serious repercussions.


A few exceptions apply if you are from the areas of concern. For example, if you have a connecting flight and are only transiting through Germany, you won't be leaving the transit zone in the airport.

Moreover, if you are a German citizen, you will also be allowed to visit Germany. Or if you are a spouse of one, you will be allowed to travel to Germany. However, in these cases, you are supposed to present proof of vaccination or test result to ensure that you will not be the source of spreading Covid 19. These restrictions are placed for disease prevention and control.

Current Entry Restrictions in Germany

The Covid 19 restrictions on travel to Germany have been provisionally lifted. Therefore, regardless of the reason for your travel, you can enter Germany. You can come to Germany for tourism, business trips, etc.

However, those who want to visit Germany from China must have a strong reason to do so, and their visa application should clearly state why they wish to come to Germany. Their visa application may be rejected if they do not have a solid reason to come to Germany. This policy is not implemented on those German citizens living in the People's Republic of China.

Therefore, currently, there are no such Covid 19 entry rules such as testing, quarantine regulations, or vaccination when entering Germany.

Applying for the Schengen Visa

If you do not belong to any virus variant areas and wish to travel to Germany, then you must acquire a Schengen visa or any other visa based on the purpose of your visit. You can go to the German Embassy or the visa application center. You can also apply for the visa online. One site that allows individuals to apply online is VisaHQ.

At VisaHQ, you will get proper information about visas. Once you enter the destination as Germany and choose your citizenship, you will know the visa information guidelines requirements for the visa you want to apply for and also if the country you are coming from has any Covid 19 restrictions imposed on it by Germany or not and whether your entry to Germany is open or not. VisaHQ is a convenient service for applying for a visa!

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