Germany business visa processing time

Do you have plans to visit Germany as a business visitor? If you do, then you should apply for a German visa and be aware of the Germany business visa processing time. Business visas are not issued on the same day or a few days after submitting your application at the German embassy. Upon receiving your application, your documents will be vetted and passed through several procedures to see if you qualify for the visa before it is issued. Keep reading this article to learn more about business visas in Germany.

The German Economy

Germany is a Schengen country with the fourth largest economy in the world. The country is a manufacturing hub where high quality products are produced. Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world, with well known corporations and companies, most of whom have branches in the country. Due to technological advancement, most Germans are highly skilled workers, and immigrants who come to work or invest in Germany enjoy world-class facilities that only a few other countries can rival.

Germany is also a member of the European Union, the European Economic Area, the World Trade Organization, and many other organizations. It ranks high on the ease of doing business scale and posts exceedingly high GDP figures every year.

Germany Visa For Business

A German business visa is required for foreign nationals not qualifying for the visa waiver program. 

Visa waivers are only granted to citizens of selected countries who can enter Germany with only their passports, as visas are not required. If you do not qualify for this program, you must obtain a visa from the German embassy in your country. Business visas allow the visitor to stay in Germany for three months and are valid for 6 months. However, there are special conditions where validity can be extended beyond three months, depending on the nature of the visa.

You can use this visa to enter Germany for meetings, negotiate and sign contracts, attend training, or any other commercial activity.

Why Your Nationality Is Important?

Your nationality is important because it will determine whether you need a visa or not. 

Currently, Germany has 62 countries on the visa waiver list whose citizens can enter the country without visas. Most of these countries are fellow EU countries, the UK, the US, Japan, and others. Third world countries are not on this list, so if you plan to enter Germany, you must get a visa.

How To Apply For A German Business Visa?

Know If You Need A Visa: The first step will be to determine if you need a visa. If your country is not on the visa waiver list, you need one.

Book An Appointment: Once you know that you will need a visa to enter Germany, the next step will be to book an appointment with the German embassy. How you do this will depend on the standard visa application procedure, and you may book the appointment over the phone or via email.

Prepare Your Documents: The next step is to prepare your documents. This visa requires many documents you must submit alongside the visa application form. 

Please make sure they are valid and that you have both the original and photocopies.

Attend The Interview: On the appointed day, visit the embassy bearing your documents and wait until you are called to present your documents and application form to the visa officer. The officer will enquire about your trip by asking detailed questions and ensuring you answer all the questions truthfully.

The embassy will take a while to review the visa, and if your documents are in order, they will notify you to come back for your visa.

Germany Business Visa Processing Time

Once you submit your business visa application and documents, the embassy will take 10-15 days to process them. It may take a while longer if they are dealing with a huge volume of applications.

Germany Business Visa Documents

  • Completed visa application form

  • Passport valid for a minimum of three months from the departure date

  • Two identical photographs not older than six months that meet Schengen requirements

  • Passport bio-data page

  • Travel medical insurance (€30,000 minimum)

  • Flight Itinerary

  • Proof of civil status

  • Proof of financial status for employees

  • Proof of Accommodation

Additional documents may be required aside from these documents listed above.

Germany Business Visa Fee

The application fee for the visa is €80, and it is non refundable. This fee does not guarantee that the visa will be issued to you, and it can be paid in your country’s local currency but keep the exchange rate in mind.

Now that you know the Germany business visa processing time and the requirements, prepare your documents now and contact the embassy to book an appointment. The earlier you do this, the better.

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