Germany schengen visa appointment

Are you intending to visit Germany? To travel to Germany, you will need a visa. The visa will act as a travel document and allow you entry in Germany. And to get a visa you will have to visit the visa application place. You must arrange an appointment before you go visit the centers otherwise you won't be permitted to submit your application.

This article will brief you about what the process of visa appointment is and what are the things you must keep in mind!

What is the Visa Appointment Process?

If you wish to apply for a visa, passport or even an identification card, it is necessary that you first schedule an appointment. You can schedule the visa appointments online through the Online Appointment System.

For each document you must book a separate appointment.

Why Do We Need to Book an Appointment?

Booking appointments are necessary as you can't barge in the Embassy or German Consulate and expect to receive service. Therefore, you should book a appointment online before hand and then visit with all the documents ready so that your process is finished faster.

Moreover, the German visa application will be accepted only if you have booked an appointment beforehand.

Visa Appointment Guidelines

There are certain guidelines you must remember for your visa appointment.

You must arrange the appointment on a day that you can make it on time. It is very important to be punctual. You should try to come earlier than your appointment time. The center will allow you to be late for a maximum of 10 minutes. After that they will not allow you to attend to your application business and you will have to arrange another appointment.

Moreover, to speed up the process, you should keep your documents ready so that when you go for your appointment you are directly able to complete submission of your application. If your visa application is incomplete or you don't have the right documents then you will be asked to bring your applications again!

What is the Application Process for the German Schengen Visa?

To apply for the German Schengen visa you must first get your visa application ready. Fill the forms properly and make sure you don't miss out on any critical information. Before you start filling the application form, ensure that you are applying to the right visa according to the purpose of your visit.

Next, gather all the required documents as you will need to take them to your appointment.

You should then book an appointment before you go to the visa application centres. If you have not made any appointment then you cannot submit your application. You must choose an appointment date which you can manage to go on otherwise, skipping your appointment may not give a very good impression too!

On the scheduled appointment date, you must go to the visa application center and then your appointment letter will be checked.

It is best not to come late and be on time. It is preferred if you come to the center 15-20 minutes early. The center will not process your request for a visa if you come late and normally the time frame is 10 minutes before they decline to process your request.

Next, you will be supposed to submit all your documents. Cross check from the document checklist to ensure that you are submitting all the documents. If you have not provided the right documents you will be asked to come again with the right documents.

If everything is accurate then your documents will be kept till the processing is complete. All the information you provide through the hardcopies will be entered to turn into a softcopy and you will be given a printed copy of your application.

If a minor applies for the Schengen visa, then both parents must be present at the visa application centre and sign the application.

Lastly, you will be supposed to pay the visa fee and your biometric data will be collected.

How to Apply for the Schengen Visa?

One way to apply for the Schengen visa is to do so through visiting the German Embassy, Consulate or the visa application centres. This will require you to schedule an appointment beforehand as if you go directly to any of these places for visa application process, you may not be facilitated.

However, if even the nearest Embassy or Consulate is far from your home then it can be troublesome to go to these centers. Therefore, you can also apply for the visa online. A third-party service known as VisaHQ provides visa services. You can choose your destination as Germany and then select the country you belong to and apply for the visa after checking all the requirements and types of visa. You can fill the visa application form online and scan the documents required and upload them online too. And once you have paid the visa fee, you are good to go!

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