Germany visa for Egypt

The Germany visa Egypt application is open to Egyptian citizens who wish to travel to Germany for one reason or the other. Unlike citizens of EU countries who don't need a visa to enter Germany, Egyptians do. The German visa application form is available online and at the German embassy for those who wish to travel to Germany. Keep reading to learn more about all the information regarding the visa application process and other visa requirements.

Traveling To Germany

Germany is located in Western Europe and is one of the most industrialized nations in Europe and the entire globe. It is also a nice country to vacation because of its orderly system. This country is filled with a lot of history, landmarks and vibrant cities that have welcomed many tourists. There are also trade fairs like the ITB Fair in Berlin, one of the world's largest outdoor fairs. How about Festivals? None beats the Oktoberfest festival that draws in millions of tourists every year

Regarding visitor population, Germany is among the top ten most visited countries in the world, with an average of 30 million international visitors or more visiting for business, pleasure, education, and many other reasons. Besides the rich history and pleasure spots, Germany is a top business with a multi-trillion dollar economy. All these make it a perfect location for Egyptians looking for a safe, secure, and vibrant setting to spend their holidays or pursue their economic interests.

Do Egyptians Need A Visa?

Egyptians need a visa to enter Germany because Egypt is not on the visa-exempt list, nor is it a European Union county whose citizens can travel to Germany or any other EU country with only their passports and no visa required. To enter Germany, Egyptian passport holders must first obtain a valid visa that qualifies them for entry.

Types of German Visa For Egyptians

There are different types of German visas that Egyptian citizens may apply for. The main purpose of your visit should determine the type of visa you apply for. Below, we review the most common visas most Egypt citizens opt for.

Tourist Visa: This visa is for Egyptian tourists coming into the country for vacation and sightseeing. The average tourist visa allows the holder to stay for a maximum period of 90 days and is valid for 180 days. This visa allows the holder to visit any part of Germany that is not marked as a restricted area, provided they provide such information in their travel itinerary.

Visit Visa: Also called a visitor visa, this one is for Egyptians who wish to visit family and friends in Germany. The family or friends may or may not be German citizens as long as they are permanent residents in the country. Visitor visas are also shirt term visas like tourist visas.

Language Course Visa: This one is for Egyptians who want to learn the German language. They first need to apply and gain admission into a language school in Germany. Then they can use the admission letter to secure a visa at the German embassy.

Student Visa: Did you know that thousands of Egyptian students are taking programs in German schools? If you want to apply to study in Germany, you will need to obtain a student visa from the German embassy in Cairo

Business Visa: The business visa is not a work visa but for those coming to Germany for business-related activities like a meeting, conference, or workshop.

Work Visa: This is for those who have already been employed by a German establishment or seeking employment in Germany. Work visas are long-term visas whose holders qualify for a work permit.

Airport Transit Visa: Egyptian citizens traveling to a non-Schengen country but wishing to make a brief stop in Germany may apply for an airport transit visa. This visa allows them to stop at any of Germany's airports for a few hours before continuing their journey.

Medical Visa: This visa is for Egyptians seeking medical care at any German public or private hospital or medical center.

Training Internship Visa: This is for Egyptians looking to learn a new skill or to gain work experience in a particular field. It allows them to travel to Germany to learn under experienced professionals.

  Besides these visa types stated above, many other visa options are available to Egyptian applicants. Note that these visas have different validities, so they don't expire simultaneously.

How To Apply For A Germany Visa in Egypt?

There are two types of German visas categorized into two classes; Type C and Type D. Type C visas are short-term visas, while Type D visas are long-term visas. For long-term visas, the applicant has to visit the German embassy in Cairo or any of its consulates to apply for the visa in person. However, some Type C visas can be applied online using your smartphone.

Here are easy steps to apply online for a visa online via VisaHQ.

  • Visit the website at VisaHQ

  • Select Germany as your destination

  • Select Egypt as your citizenship

  • Choose your preferred visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Scan and upload your documents to the portal

  • Pay the service visa fee using a credit or debit card

  • Submit for approval

Documents Required To Apply For A Germany Visa in Egypt

  • Egyptian passport with at least 6 months validity

  • Two recent colored passport photographs

  • Bank statement

  • Travel Insurance

  • Copy of return flight ticket

  • Travel itinerary

  • Telephone number

If you want to apply for a Type C Germany visa Egypt, visit VisaHQ now to complete the e visa application form now.

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