Schengen visa Germany from India

If you have plans to travel to Germany and you are an Indian passport holder, then you must have a visa to travel to Germany. The visa acts as a travel document; without it, your travel will be restricted.

Therefore, before you travel to Germany, you must be aware of the visa policies for Germany. If you want to go for a short trip for either tourism or business purposes, then you can opt for the Schengen visa.

As you read, you will learn more about the Germany Schengen visa offered to Indian passport holders and the requirements for those visas!

What is a German Schengen Visa?

A German Schengen visa is a visa for short stays that allow individuals to stay in Germany for a short time, such as 90 days.

Unlike national visas, this visa is usually used for business or tourism purposes and has a validity of 180 days.

What are the Different Types of German Schengen Visas for Indians?

There are two main types of German Schengen Visa. They are tourist visas and business visas.

German Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is a visa for people who want to visit Germany to explore it and come to Germany to relax. As Germany is a country with incredible scenery and rich history, many people want to visit Germany.

Therefore, those who want to experience the abode Germany has to offer must acquire a German visa.

The tourist visa is available for single entry and multiple entries. The processing for both is 15 days, and both types of access have a validity of 3 months, and you can stay for a maximum of 90 days.

German Business Visa

The German business visa is for people who want to enter Germany to deal with their business-related work, such as attending or conducting meetings, participating in conferences or seminars, or dealing with negotiations.

You can get a single or multiple entry visa for the business Schengen visa. Both have a processing time of 15 days. And the validity is 180 days, with a 90-day stay period allowed.

What are the Germany Schengen Visa Requirements?

Many required documents are the same for both the tourist and the business visa. First, you must submit your visa application and ensure that the visa application is filled out correctly and you do not enter any inaccurate information.

Next, you have to submit your valid passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months from the date you depart from Germany. Moreover, the passport should have at least two blank pages. You also have to submit a copy of the biometric data page of the passport. If you have any previous visas or passports, you must submit those too!

Next, you have to submit around 1 or 2 passport-type pictures. The pictures should have a white background, and your photo should be identifiable.

You also have to provide the travel itinerary detailing everything about your trip, such as when and where you will be staying, when you will be coming and going, etc.

It would be best if you had travel insurance too so that in case of any emergency, you have proper coverage while in Germany.

You also have to show proof of accommodation and sufficient funds so that you can provide a guarantee that you can cover your costs while in Germany.

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you will be asked to submit invitation letters too. You must submit an invitation letter if you are going to Germany to visit your family and friends. This letter must be written by the party inviting you, and it should state the host's details, the applicant's details, the details of the trip, and its' purpose.

Furthermore, if you are going on a business trip and have been invited by an organization, additional documents include an invitation letter stating the reason for the journey. A business support letter may also be needed.

Indian passport holders also have to provide their test results for Covid, and this test should have been conducted within the past 72 hours, counting from departure.

You also have to pay the visa fees and service fees if you apply for the visa through an agency.

What is the Application Process for the Schengen Visa?

You can visit the German Embassy or the Germany visa application center in India to get a Germany visa. However, you will have to schedule appointment slots beforehand, and you may have to book your appointment slot in other major Indian cities.

You can also apply online through third-party sites such as VisaHQ. VisaHQ provides excellent service and also transparency for your Schengen visa application form. You can conveniently fill out your Schengen visa applications through this site.

If you're coming to Germany for the first time, VisaHQ will offer advice to you for your application but you won't be able to submit an application for the visa and you will have to go to the Embassy. However, you can use VisaHQ to submit an online application if you already have a visa and are utilizing the site to apply for another one.

Complete the visa application form online and submit the documents to acquire your visa!

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