How to get business visa in Canada

How to get business visa in Canada is one of the most common Immigration questions asked by visa applicants in online forums, and this is understandable. Over the years, Canada has positioned itself as an attractive business destination for entrepreneurs, investors, and foreign startups, leading to a significant influx of foreign direct investment into the country. To further boost the economy and attracts even more investment, the government of Canada has introduced different types of business visas to attract the right brains and investment. 

We review the different visa types, costs, and processing times so you will be in good stead to apply for the visa successfully. Keep reading to know more.

What Is A Canadian Business Visa?

A Canadian visa for business is a special visa for foreign investors and business professionals. This visa is not a one-type visa, as there are variations. The Federal and provincial governments have various programs designed to attract investors and enable such investors to gain permanent residency in Canada along with their families. Each business visa program is designed to attract a specific type of investor on the one hand while responding to the needs of business migrants on the other hand.

Depending on the type of business visa you are given, you and your family may be eligible for permanent residency in one or two years after.

How To Get a Business Visa In Canada?

For starters, you cannot get a business visa in Canada; visitors must apply for one in their home countries. If they successfully apply and are issued the visa, they can then make the trip to Canada to chase their business interests. But how do you apply for a Canadian business visa?

Here are the steps to take

Check Your Eligibility: The first step is to check your visa eligibility before applying. Business visas are only issued to applicants who wish to visit Canada for business purposes, don't plan to stay for more than six months, and have the financial documents to prove their capacity to fund their trip.

Book An Appointment: Once you are sure of your eligibility, you can book an appointment with the Canadian embassy in your country. How you do this will depend on the embassy's standard procedure. You want to ensure you use the appropriate channel to book the appointment. The embassy will communicate a date to you for the visa interview, and do well to prepare for it.

Organize Your Travel Documents: The next step will be to organize your travel documents based on the business visa requirements. You want to make sure all your documents are in order.

Attend The Visa Interview: On the interview's set day, arrive early at the embassy and present your documents to the visa officer once it is your turn. The official will crosscheck your documents and ask you questions about your intended trip. Common questions to expect include why you wish to visit Canada, how long you wish to stay, your arrival and departure date, your income source, and a host of other questions. Relax, be confident, and answer the questions as clearly as possible.

After the interview, the embassy will keep you posted regarding the progress of your application. Successful applicants are invited back to the embassy for visa and passport pickups.

Types Of Canadian Business Visa

The government offers foreign nationals different types of business visas; we review two of them.

Intra-Company Transfer Program: This visa is for foreign businesses that wish to expand operations into Canada. Despite the transfer being part of the name, it is more about business expansion. This visa program allows companies to send their staff and representatives to Canada to set up shop.

Startup Visa Program: This program is for established startups seeking investment funds or a letter of support from a Canadian organization. The entrepreneur must have a clear business plan and several other requirements to qualify for this visa. This program allows the startup to bring five family members and their families to Canada with a route to permanent residency qualification.

Entrepreneur Visa: As the name implies, it is for entrepreneurs but with a twist. If you wish to buy it, invest in an existing Canadian business; this is the program you need as long as the business is in Canada. It also offers a pathway for permanent residency for entrepreneur and their family.

Provincial Nominee Program: This program is for Canadian provinces with independent immigration programs. Applicants have more than 17 different streams to choose from, but there are restrictions for those coming for business engagements.

Canada Business Visa Requirements

  • Investment capital of CAD 100,000- $350,000

  • Experience business skill

  • A successful Canadian business or plans to invest in one

  • Thorough business plan

  • Knowledge about Canadian immigration policy

Now that you know how to get business visa in Canada, note that the business visa cost ranges from CAD 2,140-$4,355.

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