Canada tourist visa duration

Canada is a great country in many aspects. It has amazing places to explore, great people, and is very safe; hence more people keep visiting it. Each year, millions of people travel to Canada to enjoy or for some business activity.

If you plan on visiting Canada, you may require a temporary resident visa until and unless you belong to one of those countries where acquiring the visa is exempt. In such a case, you won't need a tourist visitor visa. Rather, you might be an electronic travel authorization.

This article discusses everything you need to know about the Canada tourist visa and whether you need it!

What is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to go to a country for tourism or any business. These types of visitor visas provide access to non-immigrant individuals to a separate place. Therefore, with a tourist visa, you can visit a country to explore it or visit family. A tourist visa is the same as a normal visitor visa. However, sometimes people confuse a tourist visa with a visa only for tourists.

What is a Canada Tourist Visa?

Canada tourist visa is a visitor visa that allows non-immigrants to come to Canada to enjoy the atmosphere and explore the beautiful country. With the help of the Canada tourist visa, you can go to Canada to tour around and meet your family and friends. For tourists, this is the best kind of visa to acquire. Moreover, this visa is also for those who have a study opportunity in Canada and those who have to visit Canada for any business-related activity. Hence, there are different types of tourist visas, such as for business, temporary residency, study, work, etc.

A Canadian tourist visa is also referred to as a visitor visa. The visa office issues a Canada tourist visa, which is an official visa document in the passport. This document highlights that you are eligible to enter Canada temporarily.

What is the Validity of a Canadian Tourist Visa?

The Canadian tourist visa can be either a single or multiple entry visas. The visa can be valid for up to 10 years or months before the passport expires. Additionally, you have to visit Canada before the expiry date of your visa. However, the validity of 10 years does not mean that you can stay in Canada for that long too. Rather, you can stay for the maximum amount of days stated per the type of visa.

The difference between a single entry visa and a multiple entry visa is that you can only enter Canada once with a single entry visa. However, with a multiple entry visa, you can enter Canada as often as you wish within the stay period allowed. Normally all applicants are automatically considered for multiple entry visas.

How Long Can You Stay In Canada With a Tourist Visa?

With this visa, most visitors can stay for six months in Canada after they have entered Canada. When you arrive in Canada and are about to enter, Canadian immigration services can decide how long you will stay in Canada. You may be given a date by the border services officer by which you will have to leave Canada.

If you stay longer than the date stated, the concerned authorities may take legal action against you.

What are the Requirements for the Canada Tourist Visa?

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled to obtain a tourist visa. These include having a valid passport, a proper passport picture, and valid documents. Moreover, you shouldn't have any criminal record, and you should also be in good shape health-wise.

Moreover, you should have proof that you will return to your home once your visit is complete and won't illegally stay in Canada. Additionally, you must prove that you will not stay in Canada once your visa expires.

Depending on the type of tourist visa you want, you will have to submit additional documents, such as a travel itinerary, accommodation proof, flight reservation tickets, proof of sufficient funds, etc.

How to Apply For the Canada Tourist Visa Online?

You don't always have to visit the Canadian embassy to acquire a visa. Rather, you can get your visa through an online application process. One site where you can do this is VisaHQ. Through VisaHQ, you can fill out the application and submit the required documents.

Once you visit the VisaHQ, you can enter the place you want to visit, which in this case will be Canada, and you have to select your citizenship. For different citizens, there are different visa policies and requirements. Therefore, the site will inform you about the requirements and the visa types available for your country.

After knowing the policies and checking whether or not you are eligible, you can easily apply for the visa!

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