Canada visa for German passport holders

The Canada visa for German passport holders is essentially for German citizens who wish to visit Canada at any time of the year. To apply for a visa, the applicant must provide a

  • German passport with at least 6 months validity

  • Accurate personal information

  • Visa application fee

And other relevant documents if required.

Applying for a visa at short notice is something Germany German citizens can do from the comfort of their homes. This post contains relevant information and requirements to submit a visa application successfully.

Canada ETA for German passport holders.

German ordinary passport holders who want to visit Canada for a short stay don’t have to visit the Canadian embassy in Berlin or any of the consulates to apply for a visa. Direct embassy applications are only for long-term visas like student or work visas.

Canada ETA is an electronic travel authorization scheme introduced by the Canadian government as an alternative to traditional visas. ETA is done online and sent to the applicant via direct email. This document is not a visa but a permit allowing the holder to visit Canada any time of the year.

All the applicant needs to do is complete the online application form, scan and upload relevant documents into the appropriate fields, pay the processing fee, and submit for approval. The process is swift, and if successful, the ETA will be approved in a few hours or 72 hours maximum.

Canada ETA has a validity of five years and grants the holder multiple entries into Canada. Holders can stay in Canada for up to 180 days, but not a day more. This travel document is linked to the passport, so the eTA automatically expires if it expires.

There are currently 50 countries that enjoy visa waivers, and Germany is one of them. So German passport holders don’t have to wait in line at consular offices to apply for a normal visa unless they wish to remain in Canada for more than 6 months per trip.


There are currently 50 countries that enjoy visa waivers, and Germany is one of them. So German passport holders don’t have to wait in line at consular offices to apply for a normal visa unless they wish to remain in Canada for more than 6 months per trip.

For Air Travels Only

An electronic travel authorization is only designed for air travel, not land or sea trips. Those who intend to enter Canada by sea or through the Southern US border are not eligible for ETA even if they hold a German passport. You can apply for ETA for the following purposes.


German tourists can visit Canada with ETA. This document allows you to visit any part of the country to enjoy the side attractions Canada offers. It is also an ideal valid re entry permit for those who want to visit family members in Canada for a short time.


You can also use ETA for business trips. If you have business interests in the country, this is an emergency document you can apply for to attend business meetings, workshops, and any business-related activity in the country.


It can serve as a transit visa for those who will use any Canadian airport as a transit point to connect to their destination.


How To Apply For a Canada Visa For German Passport Holders

If you want to apply for a Canadian valid visitor visa, you must know how long you plan to remain in the country. For long-term trips, you have to apply to the embassy in person. However, an ETA is your best bet for trips that will keep you in the country for 6 months or less unless you don’t plan to enter Canada by air.

Applying for ETA is simple. The application form is available online and will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Fill out the application form with your details and cross-check to ensure all your entries are accurate. You will be asked to provide your full name, nationality, passport number, issue date, expiry date, professional history, itinerary, etc. Ensure that the information you provide reflects what’s on your acceptable status documents.

Then upload your documents like your health certificate (if required), digital photograph, and the bio page of your valid passport. Note that only biometric passports with at least 6 months of validity will be accepted.

The next step is to pay the visa application fee using a credit or debit card. After you are done, submit the form for processing.

Successful applicants will receive their ETA in their email inbox a few hours but not more than 72 hours later.

The eTA is linked to your passport, which will be scanned at the entry point when you travel to Canada.

You can apply for a Canada visa for German passport holders online by filling out the application form on VisaHQ. The process is fast and easy.

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