Canada visa for citizens of Belgium

The Canada visa for citizens of Belgium allows Belgian citizens to travel to Canada at short notice without visiting the Canadian embassy in Brussels to apply for a conventional visa. Belgians can now apply for a visa from the comfort of their homes.

Canada ETA

The Canadian government included Belgium in the list of ETA-eligible countries in 2016 so Belgians are visa exempt nationals. This made it possible for Belgians to apply for electronic travel authorization online. You can apply for ETA from the comfort of their homes as long as they have a smartphone and internet connection.

Also called the online visa or electronic travel authorization, this document is only meant for air travel into Canada, not for land or sea trips. Secondly, the document is valid for 5 years starting from the date of approval and issue, and it grants the holder multiple access into Canada.

You don’t have to submit a new application yearly as long as the eta you have remains valid. However, note that the eta expires along with the passport it is attached to. So if your eta has a few years before it expires, but your passport expires before it does, the eta expires automatically, so you’ll need a new one.

How Long Can Belgians Stay In Canada With ETA?

Citizens of Belgium can stay in the country for up to 180 consecutive days and not a day more. Unless you plan to stay for much longer, you can apply for one.

Canada ETA Eligibility

Only Belgium citizens who meet the following requirements qualify for ETA. Find the requirements below.

Travel By Air

Only Belgians who are traveling to Canada by air can apply for eta. This document doesn’t grant entry access to land or sea travelers. For sea or land trips through the US border, you need a different document.

Biometric Passport

Your passport must be biometric and machine readable. This is because the eta is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport. At Canadian airports, immigration officers at the international wings have machines for reading passports; if your passport is not machine readable, your eta cannot be viewed.

Secondly, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you arrive in Canada. Passports that expire in less than 180 days will be rejected.


Applicants below 18 years of age cannot apply for an eta on their own. If they must make the trip from Canada to Australia, their parents or guardians must apply for them. ETA is for adults

Purpose Of Visit

This document is only issued to those visiting for the following reasons.


ETA is called a tourist visa because many Australian visitors visit for vacation. You can get one if you have plans to spend your holidays in Canada. And as you already know, Tourists stay for only a short period.


Those coming into Canada for business trips can apply for an electronic travel authorization visa.


Canada has a thriving health care system with trained and experienced professionals who offer quality health services. Belgians in need of medical care may apply for eta.


Travelers flying to other destinations can quickly stop in any of the international airports before jumping on a connecting flight.

Documentary Requirements

You need the following documents and information to apply for ETA to enter Canada.

Personal Details

You must provide your personal details on the application form, such as your

  • Full name

  • Contact address

  • Employment history

  • Travel itinerary

  • Passport number

Belgian Passport

A valid passport with at least 6 months left.

Form Of Payment Online

The ETA application fees are payable with a debit or credit card


How To Apply

The first step in the application process is to complete the application form by filling out your details. This should only take a few minutes. After entering your details, upload your documents in the appropriate fields, then pay the application fee using your debit or credit card.

Once you are done, submit the form for approval. The process takes between a few hours to 3 days or less. Once approved, the visa will be sent to the email address you provided.

Note that you don’t have to print anything out as the visa is electronically linked to your passport. Simply present your passport to the immigration officers once you arrive at the airport, and they will scan it on their machines to generate your eta.

They will also ask you some questions before letting you through.

Things To Consider

To avoid unnecessary delays, consider submitting your eta application at least 3-4 days before your proposed trip. This document is valid for 5 years and allows the holder to stay in Canada for up to 180 days. Also, ensure that the form is correctly filled out before you submit it to prevent application rejection.

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