Business visitor visa Canada processing time

The business visitor visa Canada processing time is the duration between when a business visa application is submitted and when the visa is issued to the applicant for their trip to Canada. Applying for a visa as a business visitor is relatively straightforward because all the documents you must submit for the application are clearly stated. On this page, we review the Canadian business visa application time, the application process, and the requirements so you are adequately informed before you start the process.

Canadian Business Visitor Visa

Canada is a top business destination and one of the world’s strongest economies. As an attractive business destination, millions of people visit Canada each year to pursue various economic interests in the ever-growing economy that presents many opportunities. To boost the influx of investors and business professionals, the Canadian government launched several business programs to stimulate foreign direct investment, and it has paid off just fine.

If you intend to visit Canada as a business visitor, you must apply for this visa at the Canadian embassy in your home country. Once given, you can then proceed to Canada to set up your business or pursue any other economic interests you may have. A business visitor visa comes with many perks.  

For instance, you qualify for a work permit if you enter Canada with this visa, and your spouse will get a work permit while your school-age children will get study permits to enter Canada for school. Furthermore, depending on the business visa program you are on, you and your family may be eligible for permanent residency in 1-2 years.

Business Visitor Visa Programs

To broaden the immigration opportunities available to business visitors, the government has introduced several visa programs, and we review them below. Note that these programs are provincial and federal.

Intra-Company Transfer Program: The Intra-company visa program is designed to help investors expand their existing businesses abroad into the Canadian market. The program allows business owners with plans to set up branches in Canada to do, and they can also transfer their employees to Canada to expand operations.

Startup Visa: The Startup Visa is for investors with established startups looking to establish invest in Canada because they have the financial backing of another financier or investor. This program requires the applicant to submit a support letter or evidence of the funds issued by the Finance Institution or investor in Canada. To qualify, the applicant must show that their startup in their home country is already profitable. Secondly, they must have a sound business plan and up to five founders—the Startup visa program offers permanent residency opportunities to founders and their family members.

Entrepreneur Visa: The C11 visa is for foreign nationals looking to purchase or invest in an established Canadian business. They can also start a new business in Canada and offer permanent residency opportunities for themselves and their family.

Provincial Nominee Program: Provinces in Canada also have their visa programs like the Provincial Nominee Program for foreign entrepreneurs. The requirements are more stringent than the federal entrepreneur Visa but offer the same benefits and opportunities.

Canada Business Visitor Visa Canada Processing Time

When applying for a Canadian business visitor visa, be aware that the visa will not just be handed to you after a few weeks. It is a long process, and the processing time depends on the type of visa you apply for and your nationality. While some applicants may wait for 1 -2 months, others may wait for as long as 8 months in some cases.

The average Federal visa processing time is 3 months, while the average provincial visa processing time is 7-8 months. Bearing this in mind, make sure you submit your application as early as possible, so the visa will be released to you in time.

Canada Business Visa Requirements

Each Canadian business visa has its unique requirement, and they cannot all be espoused in this article. 

However, here are the basic business visa requirements for all visas. To know more, contact the Canadian embassy in your country for detailed requirements for your type of visa.

  • Investment funds of CAD 100,000-$350,000

  • Possess the required skill to operate the visa successfully

  • Possess an existing business or have plans to invest in one or start one in Canada

  • A practical and well thought out plan

  • Extensive knowledge of immigration regulations.

  • Valid passport

  • Completed application form

  • Passport sized photograph

These are the basic requirements, but there will be additional documents which are the embassy officials will request to process your application.

business visitor visa Canada processing time is 1-8 months, so consider submitting your application several months in advance. Lastly, note that this visa is not a temporary resident visa.

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