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Many flamingos, famed tree-climbing lions, and approximately five hundred different bird species call Tanzania their home. It is also home to one of Tanzania's largest elephant herds, zebra, warthogs, a plethora of birds, and stunning landscape. All these attracts the foreign nationals and to visit Tanzania. The UK citizens require visa. Below are details for all the visa requirements, type and process for the Tanzania visa.

Tanzania Visa for Foreign Nationals

The United Kingdom citizens wanting to travel to Tanzania can enter the United Republic of Tanzania by applying for different Tanzanian visa for foreign nationals. They can apply online for Tanzania evisa or they can get visa on arrival in Tanzania, only if they enter through Kilimanjaro international airport. Since, there are many visa to Tanzania; therefore, below are the different type of Tanzania visa that UK nationals can apply for when visiting Tanzania.

Single Entry Visa

There are single entry visa to Tanzania and multiple entry visa to Tanzania. However, all the first entry visas to Tanzania are single entry. The tourist e visa, simple tourist visa, transit visa, business visa or any other ordinary visa or special e visa to enter Tanzania is single entry. Though, UK passport holders that are traveling to Tanzania the second time and apply for Tanzania tourist e visa can get double entry e visa or Tanzania tourist visa.

Multiple Entry Visa

The multiple entry visa is not applicable in simple conditions. If you have already visited Tanzania once through Tanzania tourist visa, transit visa, business visa or any other Tanzania e visa or Tanzania visa the you can apply for double or multiple entry Tanzania visa. You just have to fill the Tanzania visa application form, submit it and wait for you e visa or other type of Tanzania visas to get approval.

Tanzania Tourist Visa

The Tanzania e visa for tourism and ordinary Tanzania visa is a single entry visa with maximum validity of up to three months. It offers maximum period of stay of ninety days in Tanzania. The visa fee for this Tanzania visa is 93.80 pounds and it takes up to ten business days for application process to complete.

Tanzania Transit Visa

The Tanzania e visa for transit and ordinary Tanzania visa for transit is a single entry Tanzania visa. This Tanzania e visa application offers visa validity of up to seven days and the application process takes around ten business days. The visa fee for this type of Tanzania e visa is 77.80 pounds and it offers maximum period of seven days stay in Tanzania.

Tanzania Business Visa

The Tanzania business visa application has a visa validity of up to three months. The Tanzania business e visa is applicable to conduct legal business trade and for other business purposes. The Tanzania business e visa application processing time is around ten days. This visa costs around 26.40 pounds and offers ninety days stay in the country. If visa extension is required for business purposes, the UK passport holders can apply for visa extension form and get extension from the Tanzanian embassy.

Tanzania E Visa Application

The Tanzania visa application and visa application process, if you are applying Tanzania electronic visa is easy. You can simply visit VisaHQ and select Tanzania as your destination. In the column asking for citizenship, select United Kingdom. Then select the appropriate visa type to visit Tanzania.

Provide them with your filled and signed visa application form. After that email them required documents and pay the Tanzania visa cost. Then wait for visa approval from the immigration officer of Mainland Tanzania. Once you get your visa approval, then you can book tickets and travel to Tanzania.

Remember, if you have any queries related to Tanzania visas or want to apply traditional visa through Tanzanian embassy then you can contact VisaHQ and get all the information you need.

Tanzanian Visa Requirements

Foreign national wanting a visa to Tanzania to enter Tanzania must fulfil the following Tanzania visa requirements to get visas for Tanzania. The Tanzania ordinary visa application and visa approval is simple, but UK passport holders must complete the following required documents to get a Tanzanian visa.

  • Completed visa application form. The UK citizens must sign and fill the Tanzania online application form.

  • A valid UK passport. The British passport validity date should be above the time the visa expires; generally, six months and the official passport must have blank pages for the Tanzania embassy visa stamp. The passport should have all the previous details of trips.

  • Passport-type photographs are required for visa applications. The photo should show your current appearance with a white background or else the Tanzanian government can reject your visa.

  • Visa status of the UK applicants.

  • Yellow Fever Certificate, if applicable. However, all the foreign nationals should have the Yellow fever vaccination then only they can enter Tanzania.

  • Proof of accommodation in Tanzania such as hotel bookings, etc.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds such as bank statements of the UK citizen applying for a Tanzania visa. Credit or Debit card to pay visa fees for Tanzania digital visa.

  • Family invitation letter, Business visa invitation letter, etc.

  • Travel document such as travel signed airline tickets, etc.

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from the Tanzania government such as criminal records, travel insurance, attested documents from foreign affairs, etc. to grant visa to Tanzania.

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