Multiple entry visa Tanzania

multiple-entry visa in Tanzania is one of the many visas issued by the government of Tanzania through its embassies to foreigners coming into the country for one reason or the other. This visa has its requirements and is perhaps one of the most flexible travel documents a foreigner will ever have as it allows them to visit the country for different engagements. We reviewed this Tanzania visa and explained the requirements.

Do I Need A Visa For Tanzania?

You need a visa to enter Tanzania if your country is not on the visa-exempt list. 

Tanzania has a visa policy that regulates immigration and visa issuance policy. To ensure your visa-free entry eligibility, check the list of visa-free countries.

Multiple Entry Visa Tanzania

A multiple-entry visa to Tanzania is issued to persons who plan to make frequent trips to the country for business or investment. This visa is quite flexible as the validity is determined by the Embassy issuing it. Some visas can have one-month validity or up to a year. It is preferred by business persons with financial interests in the country who want to keep in touch with their investments.

The Multiple entry visa is not a residence visa that allows you to stay in the country for a long time; however, you can visit several times a year. The fees for multiple entry visas are not standard but depend on the decision made by the authorities.

How Long Can You Stay In Tanzania With This Visa?

You can stay in Tanzania for up to 3 months per visit. So depending on the frequency of your visit, you can use the visa twice or thrice before the one-year validity expires.

Submitting Visa Requests

While nationals from many countries can submit their applications to the Tanzania embassies in their countries, not all applicants can do that. Based on standard protocols, citizens of the following countries must forward their applications to the Administrative Authority in Dar es Salaam.

  • Eritrea – Ethiopia - Egypt – Bangladesh – Sudan – Sri Lanka – Jordan – Pakistan – Somalia - Afghanistan – Sri Lanka – Syria – Morocco - Yemen – Tunisia – Saudi Arabia – UAE – Iraq – Iran – All West African countries – Refugees & Stateless Persons.

Multiple Entry Visa Tanzania

Applicants for this visa must submit the following documents.

Completed Application Form: They will need to fill out a visa application form. The form should contain their personal and passport information, among other details.

Passport: A passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond the departure date, and it must be the passport of the traveler.

Bank Statement: A bank statement that shows their financial records for three months above. This document aims to prove they have the financial capacity to fund their trip and living expenses while in Tanzania. Bank statements must be certified and stamped by the issuing bank.

Criminal Record: A clean criminal record is mandatory for this visa. The applicant may need to submit a Police Clearance Certificate issued by the authorities in their country certifying that they are not criminals or belong to questionable gangs.

Proof of Accommodation: Evidence to show that they have somewhere to stay during their time in the country. This may be a rental agreement, hotel reservation, or invitation letter containing a house address.

Letter of Invitation: A letter of Invitation from a relative or friend if they are invited. The letter should explain details about the trip and provide valuable information.

Health Insurance: Health insurance is a requirement to cover potential medical expenses during their stay.

Civil Status Certificate: A marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other document to prove family relationship.

 The Embassy or administrator may require additional documents aside from these to process your application. When filing an application, ensure your documents are complete and valid, and your information is accurate to avoid the risk of rejection.

Multiple Entry Visa Processing Time

Multiple entry visas don’t take as much time as some other visa types. Once your application gets to the authorities, you may only have to wait 5-10 working days (if a visa interview is not required). You may need to wait a little longer if an interview is required.

Staying For More Than 90 Days

In a situation where a foreigner desires to stay in Tanzania for more than 90 days, they will have to submit a residence permit application.

Multiple Entry Visa Fee

The visa fee for multiple entry visas is different but starts from $100. This fee is not refundable and does not include any charges you may incur. How you pay the fees will also depend on the directive of the Embassy or administrator.

For more information about the multiple entry visa Tanzania, consult the Embassy in your country or write to the immigration authorities in Tanzania for more information.

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