Tanzania visa for Indians

Tanzania is a well known country in Africa and it is a country that has Serengeti national park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and more. Indian nationals and other tourists love visiting Tanzania. There are only a few countries that are allowed electronic visa on arrival from specific entry point and India is one of them. However, for entering Tanzania, the Indian tourists must have Tanzania visa and should pay the application fee for the Tanzania visa.

The following are the details for the Tanzania visa application fee, online form, etc. Also, try to travel on the dates where there is no Tanzanian national holidays as during this time you will get great discounts and prices for the tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

Tanzania Visa for Indian Citizens

The Indian visitors require Tanzanian visa, if they want to visit Tanzania. They can apply for Tanzania e visa, tourist visa, business visa, transit visa, and other type of Tanzanian visa. Following are the online visa available for Indian citizen to visit Tanzania.

Tanzania Tourist Visa

The Tanzania tourist online visa is available for Indian citizens wanting to visit Tanzania. This visa for Indian citizens has a visa validity of up to three months and a visa processing time of up to ten business days. The Tanzania visa fees for this category is around 8502.76 Indian rupees and is a single entry tourist visa. This Tanzania e visa offers a maximum stay in the country of up to ninety days.

Tanzania Business Visa

The Tanzania e visa for business purposes has a validity of up to three months and is a single entry visa. This online Tanzania visa has a processing time of ten business days and the business visa fee is around 22962.37 Indian rupees. This Tanzania evisa offers a maximum stay of ninety days in Tanzania.

Tanzania Transit Visa

The visa fee for Tanzania transit visa is around 7067.76 INR. This is a single entry visa that has a validity of up to seven days. You can stay in Tanzania with this single entry visa for up to seven days and can get this transit Tanzania evisa in ten working days.

Remember, there is no double entry visa or multiple entry visa for Indian citizens. If you want to obtain Tanzania visas then you must complete the visa application process and first enter Tanzania through a single entry visa then you can get multiple entry Tanzan

Tanzania Visa Online Application

The entry visa for Indian citizens to enter Tanzania has a very easy Tanzania visa application process. To apply for Tanzania visa, the Indian citizens must fulfil the Tanzania visa requirements and visa application form. You have to visit VisaHQ website and enter Tanzania as destination. Also, enter India as citizenship and Indian citizens in the column of citizens of.

After that different Tanzania visa application types will appear and you can select the Tanzania evisa you want to apply for. A simple online questionnaire will appear, fill it in. Then, fill in the Tanzania evisa application form, and enter the correct information. All the Indian nationals must provide accurate details so they can get a valid visa approval.

After that, submit the required documents and pay the visa fees. Wait for your visa approval from the Tanzania embassy in New Delhi. After visa approval, the Indian citizens should go for their visa collection from the embassy.

Tanzania Visa for Indians, All the Required Documents

Below are the documents required for the Tanzania visa for Indian citizens. The Indian citizens must fulfil the Tanzania visa requirements as provided below to get Tanzania visa for Indians. Complete the following documents required and apply for the Tanzania visa for Indians. If the United Republic of Tanzania government institution approves your Tanzania visa, you can then enter Tanzania.

  • A valid Indian Passport. The Indian passport validity date should be above six months and the valid passport must have blank pages for the Tanzania entry and exit stamps.

  • Indian applicants passport-type photographs are required for Tanzania visa application process. The photo should show your current appearance with a white background or else the Tanzania embassy can reject your visa process and Tanzania visa applications.

  • Proof of status. Such as national ID card, birth certificate, invitation letter, institution certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

  • If traveling on a business visa for Indian citizens, they should have invitation letter on the letterhead of the company.

  • Tanzania online visa application form containing contact of the Indian nationals

  • Proof of accommodation in Tanzania such as hotel bookings under the name of Indian citizens, etc.

  • Proof of sufficient funds such as bank account details of the person Indian citizens. Moreover, valid payment method for payment through secure online system such as credit or debit card is also required.

  • Travel document such as travel signed airline tickets, travel itinerary of the Indian travelers, etc.

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from the Tanzanian immigration officials. If you fail to submit the visa requirements to the immigration officer then your Tanzania visa for Indian citizen might get rejected.

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