Tanzania visa for citizens of the USA

USA citizens who would like to visit Tanzania must apply for a visa online. The visa application process is relatively easy and only requires you to possess certain documents and fill out an application form. You must request a different type of visa depending on the reason for your visit.

In addition, the different types of Tanzania visas have certain requirements that you must fulfill in order to obtain your travel document. Generally speaking, the process can take anywhere between 1 and 10 days, assuming that there are no errors during the application process.

Tanzania visa requirements

The Tanzania visa requirements are, generally speaking, the same for every type of visa. The tourist visa type is the one that requires the least documents, while other visas may require you to provide specific documentation to be able to complete the application online.

Below you can find a list of the documents required for you to start the application process:

  • A passport valid for at least six months starting from the arrival date

  • A passport-type photograph not older than six months, in full color

  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate if you are traveling from a high-risk country

  • A valid email address for you to be notified of the approval or denial of your Tanzania visa

  • A credit or debit card to process the visa fee

Once you have reunited all the requirements, you will be able to start filling out the online application. You can access such formulary through any device that has access to the internet, such as a computer or a smartphone.

You will be notified via email of your visa status within 1-10 business days after you have submitted your request.

Types of Tanzania visas available for USA citizens

There are different Tanzania visas you can request as a USA citizen, which will depend on the motive of your visit. Most visas are single-entry visas with a validity of up to 90 days (3 months). Thus, if you need to frequently visit the country multiple times, applying for a multiple-entry visa is recommended.

The following Tanzania visas are available for USA citizens:

  • Tourist visas for those who visit Tanzania during a vacation trip, holidays, or for medical purposes

  • Transit visas for people who will enter Tanzania and will depart to the next destination within the next seven days

  • Student visas for those who want to stay in Tanzania for educational purposes

  • Business visas for people who intend to work in Tanzania for a particular period

  • You can also obtain a multiple-entry visa. You can request one if you need to visit Tanzania at different times during the upcoming months.

Essentially, all the types of visas mentioned above require the same documents to be processed. However, business or student visas may require certain documentation from the institution or corporation where the applicant intends to work or study.

In addition to all these visas, you can also request a Tanzania e-visa of any kind. Such a visa allows you to have your visa ready as soon as possible by completing an application form and submitting digital copies of your legal documents.

How to apply for a Tanzania visa online

The process of applying for a Tanzania visa has been simplified. You do not have to attend the nearest Tanzania embassy or consulate anymore, as the government of the United Republic of Tanzania has updated the process to be completed 100% online.

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete your application:

  1. First, fill out the e-visa application form with the correct information. Any error or omission may result in your visa being delayed or even denied in the worst scenario.

  2. Pay for the visa fee. You can pay using a debit or a credit card, depending on what you find more convenient for you at the moment.

  3. Upload all the documents required (identify them above).

Once your visa has been processed, you will be notified via email of the approval or denial of the document. This process can take anywhere between one and ten days. Generally speaking, if everything is correct, you should be able to obtain your Tanzania visa in less than one week.

What countries do not need a visa to enter Tanzania?

Citizens from certain countries are exempt from requiring a visa to enter Tanzania. Unfortunately, the United States of America is not on this list. Some countries that can access visa-free include the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Ecuador, Eswatini, Jamaica, and Indonesia, among many others. You can check the full list here.

US citizens who reside in these countries and would like to visit Tanzania are still required to complete the application form and obtain a Tanzania visa to be able to enter the country for whatever purpose.

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