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Africa's artistic masterpiece is Tanzania. It is a nation with breathtakingly natural beauty, amazing fauna, alluring beaches, quaint old towns, archaeological monuments, and geological marvels. Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, rises from lush, green plains and dominates the landscape. You can also find Zanzibar island, and other places which people visiting Tanzania love.

However, the Egyptian passport holders need a valid visa to enter United Republic of Tanzania. They can enter Tanzania through any international airport if they have all the necessary documents, meet the entry requirements and have valid visa as per the visa policy provided by Tanzanian government officials.

Egyptian Citizens Tanzania Visa

The Tanzania visa for Egyptian citizens is available in many categories, there is referral visa category, Tanzanian visa for tourists, business visa, and many other visas to visit Tanzania. Following are the Tanzania visa for Egyptian citizens which they can apply for if they want Egypt Tanzania visa.

Tanzania Tourist Visa

For a stay in Tanzania for up to three months, a Tanzania tourist visa for Egyptian citizens is required. This Tanzania tourist visa has a validity of up to three months. You can apply for a Tanzania tourist visa and receive the visa in three business days as the visa processing time for this Tanzania visa is three working days. The Tanzania visa fees is around 1495.00 EGP.

If you are visiting your relatives or friends then you must upload the passport or national ID card of the host and also resident permit of the Tanzania citizen. You must also pay the visa fee online as you are applying for an online visa. There is no Tanzania multiple entry visa for Egyptian citizens as it is only available after you travel once to Tanzania.

Tanzania Business Visa

This Tanzania single entry visa is issued to foreign citizens to allow them to enter the United Republic of Tanzania for different purposes such as to perform special assignments like repairing or fixing of machines, gain short term training, perform professional roles like as an auditor, accountant, etc. and to perform lawful business in the Tanzania as per the rules and regulations of the country.

This Tanzania visa has a visa fees of up to 5068.00 EGP and has a validity of up to three months with stay in Tanzania for up to ninety days. The processing time for this Tanzania visa for Egyptian citizens is three business days. You do not have to mail any documents as this visa is electronic.

Tanzania Visa Application Form for Egyptian Passport Holders

To apply for a Tanzania visa for Egyptian citizens, you must apply the online visa. To apply for a United Republic of Tanzania visa you have to enter Tanzania as destination and Egypt as citizenship. Then select the Tanzania visa type such as tourist visa, business visa, etc. Also, select the sub-category such as multiple entry visa, double entry visa, single entry, etc.

After doing so, fill in the online visa application form for foreign citizens and apply for the electronic visa. After that submit all the proper documentation, make sure the expiration date of your passport is after six months your visa expires. Fill in the Tanzania application form and submit all these. Then pay the visa application fee for the Tanzanian visa as per visa policy.

Wait for the processing time to complete and once you receive your Tanzania visa, you can travel to Tanzania. Even if you have ordinary visa, Tanzania tourist evisa, or any other visa. You must keep only a few documents that are essential with you while traveling as well as the immigration officer might check them at the international airport upon entry in Tanzania.

Tanzania Visa Requirements and Required Documents

Foreigners wanting to visit Thailand must provide the following documents to get visas for Thailand. The Thai visa application is simple, but Egypt citizens must complete the following required documents to get a Thailand visa.

  • A valid Egyptian Passport. The valid passport validity date should be above 6 months and the valid passport must have blank pages for the Tanzania visa stamp.

  • Passport-type photographs.

  • Proof of status. Such as ID card, birth certificate, residence permit, invitation notarized letter, study permit, etc.

  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate. If the Egypt citizens do not have the yellow fever vaccination then they must get it.

  • United Republic of Tanzania visa application form containing contact details of the Egyptian nationals

  • Proof of accommodation in Tanzania such as hotel bookings, or other addresses where you are staying, etc.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds such as bank statements of the person applying for a Tanzania visa.

  • Flight itinerary, and for transit visa, flight tickets such as onward ticket for onward travel is required.

  • Valid payment method to pay visa fee such as a valid debit or credit card to get their Tanzania visa for Egyptian.

  • Travel document such as travel signed airline tickets, etc.

  • However, if Egyptian travelers are children that are under age are applying for Tanzania visa then they need the legal guardians approving letter.

Moreover, for further details, you can always contact VisaHQ or Tanzania embassy or consulate.

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