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Tanzania is generally a safe country to visit, but you still need to keep in mind a few more precautions than you would at home. It is a beautiful country, and there are many national parks for the visitors to explore during their travel. Even though the Tanzanian citizen are quite friendly, there are some people who are looking to mug others on the land borders.

So, make sure to visit Tanzania through Julius Nyerere international airport, Kilimanjaro international airport or other international airports. Anyways, the Filipino citizens have to apply for a Tanzania visa online if they want to visit Tanzania. Below are different Tanzania visas available for the Philippine nationals.

Tanzania Tourist Visa

The Tanzania tourist visa is a single entry visa that allows a three months stay in the country. This Tanzania tourist visa has a validity of up to ninety days and has a processing time of ten business days. The visa fee for Tanzania tourist visa for Filipino citizens is around 9128.94 PHP.

Tanzania Transit Visa

The Tanzania visa is a single entry visa with validity and stay of up to seven days in the country. This Tanzania visa has a visa processing time of up to three business days and has a visa cost of 5327.03 PHP.

Tanzania Business Visa

This Tanzania visa for Filipino citizens is also a single entry visa with validity and entry of up to ninety days. This visa has a processing time of ten business days and have a total cost of 17884.19 PHP.

For travellers wanting Tanzania multiple entry visa, they need to apply for an ordinary visa first. Tanzania does not offer multiple entry Tanzania visa or multiple visa to first time travellers traveling on new visa card or if they have an unused visa.

Tanzania Visa Requirements and A Valid Passport

Filipino citizens wanting to travel to Tanzania must provide the following documents to get visas for Tanzania. The Tanzania visa process is simple, but Filipino citizens must complete the following required documents to get a Tanzania visa.

  • A valid Passport. The Philippine passport validity date should be above the time the visa expires. The Philippines passport must have blank pages for the Tanzania evisa stamp. The Philippine passport should have all the previous details of trips.

  • Philippine Passport-type photographs are required for applications for such a visa.

  • Proof of status. Such as national ID card, birth certificate, residence permit, invitation letter, study permit, institution certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

  • A valid payment method. Such as a valid debit or credit card for Tanzania e visa fee.

  • Photo of Passport. A photo of the person applying for a Tanzania visa holding the photo and information page of the passport.

  • Tanzania visa form containing telephone contact of the Philippine citizens.

  • Proof of accommodation in Tanzania such as hotel bookings, etc.

  • Travel document such as travel itinerary. This should state all the entry or exit spots of the Philippine citizens.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds such as bank statements of the person applying for a Tanzania visa.

  • For transit e visa or visa on arrival, onward ticket might be required by immigration official such as immigration officer or immigration authorities at the international airport. However, before getting a visa on arrival or transit e visa, the Filipino citizens must get electronic visa.

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from the Tanzania immigration officers for Filipino citizens visiting friends, for health treatment, tourism purposes, etc. So, make sure to know all the documents required for these main visas.

Tanzanian Visa Application Process

The Tanzania application process is quite easy and if you have any queries. You can always contact VisaHQ for them. You have to first fill the e visa application form online. The application form is present on the VisaHQ website. To apply for the Philippines Tanzania visa, you must enter your correct passport information such as passport number, your national ID, and other details.

You have to visit the website, then select Philippine citizens as your citizenship and Tanzania as your travel destination. After that you will have to select the e visa type that you want to apply for and fill in the Tanzania e visa form. Upload all the Tanzania e visa documents required and pay the visa fee. Then wait for the United Republic of Tanzania government to verify your documents. After verification, the Philippines passport holders will receive their Tanzania e visa.

Remember, if you are visiting Tanzania through the Tanzania e visa process then you must enter Tanzania through the specific international airport. You can enter from Julius Nyerere international airport, Kilimanjaro international airport, etc. Also make sure that when applying for Tanzania visa, you must provide proper documentation so your Tanzania visa is approved without any issues.

Tanzania Visa Fee for Filipino Passport Holders

The Tanzania visa fees for Philippines citizens applying for the Tanzania tourist visa is 9125.74 PHP. The visa fees for Tanzania business visa is around 17877.93 PHP. The visa fee for Tanzania transit visa is around 5325.16 PHP and the student visa fee is around 6411.04 PHP. All these Tanzania visa for Filipino citizens visa fee include the necessary visa fees and the service fee for the Tanzania visa application process.

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