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Indonesia has beautiful islands, spectacular beaches, and breathtaking cultural sites. All these combined make the country a great place for foreign nationals to visit and enjoy!

Each year millions of people visit the country. Bali is a well-known province in the Republic of Indonesia that is quite famous among tourists.

However, to visit Indonesia, if you do not belong to the countries for whom the visa exemption policies apply, you will be required to get an Indonesian visa!

This article discusses in detail what an Indonesia tourist visa is, what its requirements are and how you can acquire it online!

What is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa, also known as a visit visa or a temporary residence visa, is used when foreign residents want to visit a foreign country.

This Indonesia visa is used for recreational purposes such as visiting for sports, activities, tourism, or even business. However, a tourist visa is for a short-term stay, and you cannot live in a country with this visa for eternity.

What is an Indonesia Tourist Visa?

An Indonesia tourist visa is a visit visa that allows foreign citizens to visit for tourism purposes or recreational activities.

This visa is a valid travel document applicable to those not qualifying for the visa exemption.

There are not too many countries that have to apply for a tourist visa. There are about 28 countries that haven't been given the exemption. However, countries with visa exemption cannot have an extended stay.

You can get a visa beforehand or on arrival. However, if you have a limited-validity passport, it is preferred that you get a visa beforehand.

With a visa on arrival, you have to go to the respective counter once you arrive in Indonesia. You will be supposed to complete the payment for the visa fee and provide proof of your return ticket or the ticket to the place you are planning to go. It would be best if you also had your passport in your possession.

Processing Time for the Tourist Visa

Standard processing time is 3 to 5 days; however, depending on the Indonesian embassy you go to, the time can vary.

To process some visas, the Consulate must first coordinate with the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Indonesia in Jakarta.


The tourist visa is valid for 30 days, and so is the Indonesia visa on arrival. These visas are usually for single entry, and a maximum stay of 30 days is permitted.

Indonesia visa extension is possible for 30 more days; however, those who travel to Indonesia through the visa exemption policy cannot extend their stay. But if you get a visa on arrival beforehand, you can enjoy an extended stay.

What are the Specific Requirements for the Indonesia Tourist Visa?

The entry requirements for the Indonesia tourist visa include having a valid passport. The original passport should be valid for at least six months since you enter Indonesia. You will need to submit a clear copy of your passport and a passport picture.

Additionally, foreign residents must provide proof of residency or a residence permit visa.

Moreover, you will require proof of sufficient funds. You can submit this as a copy of your bank account statements. You also need to provide proof of your travel through flight reservation tickers.

Your Indonesia visa application should be complete and accurate, and further information entered should match the details in your original documents.

If you are visiting your friends or family, you may be asked to provide an invitation letter from them stating why you are visiting and how long you will be staying.

If you have come to Indonesia on business, you will have to submit an invitation letter from the host organization or a cover letter stating the purpose of your visit. An authorization letter is among the required documents if you get a multiple entry visa.

The Indonesian government also requires travelers to be vaccinated against Covid 19.

Depending on the type of Indonesia tourist visa you get, you will have to pay the visa fees too.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa Online?

Going to the Indonesian embassy can be a hassle for many people. Therefore, through the online visa processing system, you do not have to visit the Indonesian embassy or the immigration office.

Rather, you can apply for an Indonesia tourist visa easily through the online visa application form. You can do this by visiting the VisaHQ site.

When applicants choose the country Indonesia and their citizenship, the website will show them the types of visas they can acquire. Proper details regarding the visa are given, such as which visa types are available and what specific requirements need to be fulfilled. In case of any change in the visa requirements from the Indonesian embassy, the changes are updated on the website.

Indonesia Visa Policy

Indonesia has a visa policy spells out the entry requirements for foreign citizens coming into the country for short or longer-term visits. Most visitors must obtain visas before their trip unless they are from visa-exempt countries. Visa-exempt and non-visa-exempt visitors must hold passports with at least six months of validity and a return ticket to their base. However, under special cases, persons with passports with less than six months' validity may be accepted if the applicant is coming as a business visitor. Apart from the above documents, the immigration officer on duty at the entry point may ask the visitor to produce proof of funds documents and a hotel reservation.

Currently, there are a few countries on the visa-exempt list, and if you are from any of them, you can visit without a visa and stay for up to 30 days maximum. The majority of the visa-free countries are fellow ASEAN countries, including the island of Timor Leste. 

Visa-free visitors may enter Indonesia through approved border crossings, seaports, or airports.

Electronic Visa On Arrival

Indonesia's visa on arrival is slightly different from other nations. This entry document is issued by the Directorate of Immigration and is designed for foreigners without visa-free entry. It is available to nationals from countries on the eligibility list but with an application fee. Holders can stay in the country for up to 30 days but extend it once for 30 days at any designated entry point.

To avail of this electronic visa on arrival or eVOA, you must fill out an application form and submit it to get the approval to visit the country where you will be issued the actual visa. Furthermore, there are two types of electronic visas on arrival; the e VOA which is for business, tourism, and transit, and the Visitor visa, which is for tourism only.

Transit Travelers

Transit travelers heading to another country may switch flights at designated Indonesian airports but with conditions. Those traveling through Soekarno Hatta Airport who will spend less than 24 hours waiting for their flight don't need transit visas. For other international airports in the country, the visa-free waiting time is 8 hours. Also, travelers switching terminals through Ngurah Rai International Airport or Soekarno Hatta International Airport need visas unless they are passport holders of visa-exempt countries.

Key Information About Indonesia eVOA/Visitor Visa

Not For Employment: The eVOA or Visitor Visa is not for employment or long-term commitment in Indonesia. You are not allowed to seek or engage in any kind of work to earn income during your stay. If you wish to work in Indonesia, visit the nearest embassy or consulate to apply for a work visa.

Extend Only Once: This eVOA or Visitor visa can only be extended once, and this must be done before your visa expires. Waiting until after expiration is prohibited as that will mean that you are living in the country illegally. Extension applications should be forwarded to the nearest Directorate of Immigration. Also, successful applicants will have their visas extended by 30 days maximum.

Single Entry Feature: Your online visa can only be used once to enter Indonesia because it is a single-entry document. Once you leave the country, you cannot use it again, even if it is still valid. Also, note that the visa expires if the passport it is attached to expires.

Apply In Advance: Always apply for it at least three days before your trip. The Directorate of Immigration takes three days maximum to process applications, but you may receive yours sooner to be safe; an earlier application is always best.

Use The Same Passport: Always travel with the same passport used for your application, not a different one. Be informed that the eVOA is linked to the passport number, so should you show up at the point of entry with a different passport, the immigration officers will deny you entry.

Indonesia Visa Online – Get your Indonesia e-Visa with VisaHQ

Traveling To Indonesia may require a visa if you are not from a visa-exempt country, and what better way to secure one than through an online medium? The Indonesian electronic visa is easy to apply for, and the waiting time is within 72 hours.

How To Apply For An eVOA/ Visitor Visa With VisaHQ

You only need to complete a few steps to successfully apply for any online visas for your trip to Indonesia. At VisaHQ, we make it our mission to simplify the process for our clients so they can do it themselves without seeking a third party for help. Here are the few steps you will need to take.

Fill out the form: You start by logging onto our application page, select the visa you want and fill out the application form. Your information must be accurate, and every section should be filled in.

Upload documents: Proceed to upload your travel documents in soft copies. The documents will depend on the type of visa you are applying for (eVOA or Visitor Visa), and they must all be valid.

Pay the application fee: The mandatory application fee must be paid online using a credit or debit card. After executing the payment, submit your application for processing.

Get your visa: Within 72 hours or less, your visa will be processed and approved, and you will receive it at your email address. Now, you are ready for your trip to Indonesia.

Why Use VisaHQ?

We are sure that you would like to apply for this e-visa without stress, right? That is why VisaHQ offers more. When you use our platform, you can

  • Apply for multiple visas at once
  • Track your application status with your device
  • Get all the technical support you need to successfully complete your application
  • Please take advantage of our resources and expertise
  • Safeguard your data using our advanced data protection software

We have built a wide network of experts across several countries and two continents, so trust us when we say we've got you covered. Visit our application page now to get started, or send us a message for more information.


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