Multiple entry business visa Indonesia

multiple entry business visa Indonesia is issued to business professionals and investors who are frequent visitors to Indonesia. The visa grants holders multiple entry opportunities into the country to pursue their business interests. If you plan to visit Indonesia any time soon and will be a frequent visitor, this is an excellent visa to apply for.

Indonesia – Southeast Asia

Indonesia is one of the right Asian tigers and one of Southeast Asia's largest economies. 

The country has one of the world's youngest populations, and growth projections for the Indonesian economy have been positive for many years. The economy is stable, with several industries thriving. Indonesia posts a positive balance of trade and high GDP rates per annum. 

Some corporations and conglomerates operating in the Far East have their headquarters or an operational branch to oversee their operations in this part of the world.

Indonesia Multiple Entry Business Visa

A business visa is a flexible entry permit for visitors to enter Indonesia to engage in business-related activities including leisure activities. The visa is not limited to the number of entries, so the holder can visit the country any time they like. However, they must not stay for more than 60 days. This visa is essential for building business relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and clients in Indonesia. Visitors may also use it to attend conferences, fairs, and seminars organized in the country.

Applicants should know that this visa does not grant them a work permit, so they are not allowed to work during their time in the country. Engaging in any activity that attracts direct remuneration from a third party will be treated as a violation, and they will be fined and deported immediately.

Introduction Of The Multiple Entry Visa

Indonesia had long issued multiple entry visas, but during the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020, the visa program was shelved to protect Indonesians from the virus. Then in 2022, the visa was reintroduced to let foreign business nationals back in. The multiple-entry visa is valid for 5 years, and holders can visit several times a year if they do not stay for more than 60 days at a time.  

There is also a pre-investment clause that allows visitors to stay for up to 180 days for the first visit so they can explore and evaluate economic activities in different sectors of the country.

What Can You Use The Visa For?

Government Officials: Officials of foreign governments invited by the Indonesian government may enter the country with a business visa. Furthermore, delegates or representatives of foreign governments may use it to attend conferences and events. 

Foreign Embassies in Indonesia may also apply for it on behalf of individuals coming to Indonesia on official assignment.

Pre-investment:  Like we pointed out in a previous paragraph, business investors can enter Indonesia to explore economic opportunities before they commit funds. They can stay in Indonesia for up to 6 months under the pre-investment agreement.

Business: The visa is for any business-related activity by individuals, business enterprises, professionals, and investors.

Family Visits: Alternatively, visitors can use it to visit family members living and working in Indonesia during their business forays.

Multiple Entry Business Visa Indonesia Requirements

Only qualified applicants will be issued this visa. Here are the requirements.

Passport: The applicant must submit a valid passport that will not expire in the next six years. Passports that expire sooner will not be accepted unless the applicant wishes to apply for a 4 years visa. The standard practice is for the passport to expire at least one year after the visa expires. For a one-year visa, the minimum validity is six months.

Guarantor Letter: A guarantor letter issued by a sponsor showing proof of funds to qualify for pre-investment.

Financial Means: The authorities place a minimum expenses requirement of $2000 for all business visitors or equivalent in the local currency.

Photographs: Two recent colored 4cm x 6cm photographs.

Note that additional documents may be required aside from these documents listed above.

Business Visa Processing Time

The processing time for this visa is 4 days after it is received, but there may be delays due to several factors. If you submit your application to the Indonesian embassy, it will take more time.

Visa Application Fee

There are two fees for this application: the visa approval fee and the visa fee. The visa approval fee is IDR 200,000 per application, while the visa fee is IDR 3,000,000 per year. So you must pay the visa fee multiplied by the number of years you want

  A multiple entry business visa in Indonesia is ideal for those who visit Indonesia frequently for business purposes.

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