Indonesia visa for Iranian

Indonesia is a country filled with beautiful beaches and islands and has some amazing cultural sites to visit. Moreover, there are also some amazing temples and diversity in this country!

Indonesia has flights coming in from other countries, making it super accessible. The country is known for Bali, one of the hottest tourist spots! To enter Indonesia, however, you will need a visa.

This article discusses everything you need to know about the Indonesian visa policies for Iranian citizens and the available visa types.

Do Iranian Citizens Need Indonesia Visas?

Yes, Iranian citizens travelling to Indonesia will need an Indonesian visa to enter.

Regardless of the purpose of their visit, upon arrival, a visa will be required as the immigration authority will do proper checking.

What are the Different Visa Types Available?

Tourist E-Visa

The tourist e-visa requirements are simply the basic documents needed.

This is a single entry visa with a maximum validity of 60 days. The Indonesian visa fee can differ depending on how fast the visa processing time is.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is the same as an electronic one, but you may be asked for more documents to submit.

A tourist visa is for the sole purpose of recreation, travel, and visiting family and friends. This visa facilitates visitors and tourists. This visa is also a visitor visa and allows applicants to stay in Indonesia for a short while.

The Indonesia tourist visa requirements for Iranian citizens include providing the travel itinerary, invitation letter if applicable, and proof of status.

Business E-Visa

The electronic business visa is available as a single entry visa. You can get a business visa urgently or plan it 2-3 weeks before. As different single entry visas with different processing times are available. The visa fee is different in such a case. The maximum validity for an electronic business visa is 60 days, and you can stay for 60 days per visit.

As it is an electronic visa, it will be delivered through email and does not require submitting too many documents.

Business Visa

The business visa is similar to an electronic business visa, but you may need to provide additional documents. A business visa is used for business purposes such as attending meetings, conferences etc. It is best to remember that a business visa is not a work permit, and you can't conduct any business within the country. Rather, only visit it for business reasons.

Apart from the regular documents, you may be asked to provide an invitation letter from the inviting company and a cover letter that states the purpose of your visit, how long you will be staying, etc.

What are the Indonesia Visa Requirements for the Iranians?

The basic Indonesian visa requirements for Iranian passport holders include providing a valid passport copy. The passport should be valid for six months. This should be an original passport copy with valid details. Additionally, you need to provide a passport-size picture, preferably taken with a white background.

Moreover, there are other required documents, such as proof of status that you are an Iranian national. This can be in the form of any identification card.

You may also be asked to provide proof of sufficient funds in the form of a bank account statement copy. It would be best if you also had travel insurance that covers your stay in Indonesia.

Another general visa requirement is to complete the payment for the visa fees. The visa fee can differ depending on how fast the processing time is. If you need to enter Indonesia urgently, your visa fee might be more.

There are other documents, too, which may or may not be applicable depending on your visa type. These include reference letters, accommodation proof, etc.

Another important thing is that all Iranian nationals must provide a Covid vaccination certificate to ensure they are fully vaccinated. Iranians must also fill out a health alert card before arriving in Indonesia.

You should ensure that your visa application is complete without missing information. Enter details that are accurate and match your official documents. Proper visa application submission will help in securing the visa earlier.

How to Apply for the Indonesian Visa Application Online?

There is no need to go to the Indonesian embassy to get a visa. Rather you can complete the application process if you apply online.

You can enter Indonesia by filling out the visa application online through VisaHQ.

VisaHQ is a website that states all your visa requirements to acquire a visa. Moreover, it categorizes the requirements according to the visa type.

When you choose the place of visit and your nationality, it will show the details accordingly. Moreover, further details will be shown when you click on a particular type of visa. This provides an easy way to plan your trip to Indonesia!

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