Indonesia visa for Colombians

The Republic of Indonesia is a place everyone should visit as this country is a sight to see. From the diverse culture in Jakarta to the amazing beaches and sights to witness in Bali, Indonesia is a place where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets.

The country has a lot of adventures to offer its tourist. It is also a country with some of the most volcanoes present. Are you planning to travel to Indonesia but unaware of the policies you must keep in mind as a Colombian citizen?

No need to worry! This article discusses what Colombian citizens need to know about a visa to Indonesia. The article discusses the types and visa requirements needed!

Do Colombians Need an Indonesia Visa for Travel?

Yes, Colombian citizens do require an Indonesia visa if they hope to travel to the country. They will not be permitted to enter Indonesia without a visa.

These foreign visitors will have to acquire a visa whether they visit their family or friends' houses or meet any officials for business purposes.

What is the Indonesia Visa Types for Colombians?

There are different types of visas that Colombians can get if they have plans to travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia Tourist Visa (Electronic)

The tourist e-visa is for those who have come to Indonesia for recreation or tourism purposes.

The e-visa requires the submission of only the basic documents. It is a single entry visa that has a validity of 2 months. And the maximum stay per visit allowed is 60 days. This visa is available based on different processing times. And the processing time affects the visa fee.

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa is best for those whose sole purpose of visiting Indonesia is tourism or visiting their family and friends. A tourist visa is a visitor visa that allows them to stay temporarily in Indonesia and have a fun time.

Tourist visas are valid for 2 months and allow a stay of 60 days; however, compared to an electronic visa, you may be required to submit more documents for this visa. You may be asked to submit a travel itinerary or invitation letter from the friend or family member you visit. Moreover, you may have to submit details of your hotel bookings and flight reservation tickets.

Business E-Visa

As the business e-visa is an electronic visa, you must submit only 3 necessary documents along with the business visa applications.

This is a single entry visa valid for 2 months, allowing a stay of 60 days per visit. You can get this visa on an urgent basis or after several weeks. You can choose the processing time. The lesser the processing time, the more the fees.

Business Visa

A business visa is a visa that can be acquired by those who enter Indonesia for business purposes. This visa is also valid for 2 months. You may require documents such as a cover letter stating the reason for your visit, proof of sufficient funds, etc.

The business purposes for a visit can include meetings with government officials, purchasing goods, etc.

Visa on Arrival

You can get an arrival visa; however, you can stay in Indonesia for only 30 days with an arrival visa.

What are the Visa Requirements for Colombian Citizens?

Some of the general requirements include the submission of a valid passport copy. Ensure the original passport validity is for at least six months, starting from your arrival in the country. Moreover, you will also need to provide a passport-type picture.

You must fill out the visa application form to acquire the visa. Ensure that all the details entered are correct, as any incorrect information can cause the immigration officers to reject your request for a visa. Moreover, missing information can cause a delay in the processing time.

Moreover, among the required documents, one has a fully vaccinated vaccination certificate and a health certificate.

You will also be required to pay the visa fee depending on the type of visa you get. The immigration department has the right to refuse your entry to Indonesia.

How to Apply Online for the Indonesia Visa?

As the world progresses to doing almost everything online, you can acquire your Indonesia visa online too! You have to complete the online visa application process by filling out the online visa application form and submitting some required documents, and you're good to go! Then you have to wait till your visa is processed and issued.

You can get your visa online through VisaHQ's site. At VisaHQ, you will be asked about the country to travel to and your citizenship. Once you provide these details, you will get further details about the visa requirements for Colombian citizens. You can choose the type of visa you want to apply for and view the visa fees too. The application process is simple and not very time-consuming!

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