Indonesia visa for Iraqi citizen

The Indonesia visa for Iraqi citizen is available to anyone who wishes to visit Indonesia as long as they qualify for it. Indonesia is one of the most visited countries in the Far East, and every year, millions of visitors visit the country for one purpose or the other. This page contains information about Indonesia visa requirements for Iraqis and the application process.

Traveling to Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most industrialized nations in Asia and is one of the East Asian Tigers. The country is highly populated, with over 270 million people, and has a thriving economy powered by services, technology, and the agricultural sector. Indonesia also has a thriving sports industry, including other sectors contributing to its GDP. This makes it a top business destination in the region.

Then there is the tourism industry which is a major foreign exchange earner. Bali, for instance, is one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the country, but there are others too. Blessed with rich wildlife and sandy beaches, Indonesia is a tourist’s dream, so Iraqis who wish to enjoy their vacation can do so in Indonesia.

Do Iraqi Citizens Need A Visa?

Yes, they do. Iraq is not on the visa exemption list, so they need a visa before they can enter the country. The good news is that the multiple entry visa application process is straightforward and quite flexible, especially if you are visiting as a tourist.

Types Of Indonesia Visa For Iraqi Citizens

There are different types of visas for Iraqi citizens, such as

Tourism Visa: This visa is for those who come as tourists to spend their holidays or enjoy the sights and sounds of Indonesia. The tourist visa is valid for 30-90 days, depending on the one you apply for.

Business Visa: Iraqis can apply for a business visa if they wish to visit on business. This visa is essentially for those attending business meetings, conferences, or events. They can also visit to negotiate contracts with partners, investors, or suppliers.

Study Visa: The education industry in Indonesia is quite advanced and plays host to thousands of international students from other countries. As an Iraqi, you can apply for this visa if you gain admission into a tertiary institution in the country.

Work Visa: A Work visa is for those who have been employed by a company or entity in Indonesia. They can apply for a work visa, but they need to show their invitation and employment letter.

Medical Visa: This visa is for those seeking medical care in Indonesia

How To Apply For An Indonesian Visa

You can apply for a visa in one of the following ways.

Visit The Embassy: You can visit the Indonesian embassy in Baghdad or any of its foreign affairs consulates to apply for a visa in person. You will be asked to submit physical copies of your documents for verification as well as attend an interview. After the interview, you will be made to wait for up to 2 weeks as your application is processed. This method is for long-stay visas.

Apply Online: The second option is to apply online. The online visa application is fast and straightforward. Iraqis can apply for an E visa on VisaHQ by following these steps.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select Iraq as your country of citizenship

  • Select Indonesia as the destination

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Complete the application form

  • Scan and upload the documents required

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

The visa will be sent to your email address within a few days.

Indonesia Tourist Visa Requirements

Here are the documents you must submit alongside your visa application form before obtaining a visa.

Valid Passport: An Iraqi passport that will not expire in another six months from when you enter Indonesia is required. Scan and print out or upload the bio page of the passport. Also, note that it must have at least one blank page.

Resident Permit: Iraqis who reside in countries they are not from require a resident permit to show as evidence that they are legal residents of the country.

Passport Sized photograph: A passport-sized photograph taken not later than 3 months before use in colored form and on a white background.

Ticket: A return ticket reservation to and from Indonesia

Letter of Invitation: A letter of Invitation sent to you by an Indonesian citizen or resident.

Other documents may be required for your Indonesia tourist visa application depending on the visa you apply for, but the ones listed above are the most important ones.

For short-term visas or e-visas, there is no need to visit the embassy to apply; you can apply for an Indonesian visa for Iraqi citizens on VisaHQ.

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