Indonesia visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens

Is visiting the beautiful beaches and indulging in the diverse culture of Indonesia on your bucket list? Are you planning a short trip to Indonesia to enjoy your break? Or do you have to visit the country for official reasons and are being sent by your company?

Indonesia is a wonderful place that is easily Access and visited by millions of foreign citizens each year.

However, to travel to Indonesia, the question arises: how can you enter Indonesia? To travel to Indonesia, a visa is important.

This article provides further information about the different types of Indonesia visas, the visa requirements, and how you can apply online!

Is an Indonesia Visa Required for Bangladeshis?

Yes, Bangladeshis will need a visa if they plan to visit Indonesia. You can't enter Indonesia as a Bangladesh national without a valid visa.

Which Visa Types are Available?

The different visa types available for Bangladeshi citizens include tourist e-visa, tourist visa, business e-visa, and business visa.

Tourist E-Visa

Tourist E-visa is a visa type that allows foreign nationals to stay in Indonesia temporarily.

This is an electronic visa, and you can receive this in your email easily. The tourist e-visa is available for a single entry. The maximum period you can stay with this visa type visa is 60 days.

You can get this visa as early as you would like. You can opt for the processing time of 1-2 days or even 10-14 days. Depending on what processing time you opt for, the visa fee will be different.

As this is an electronic visa, the visa submission process is easier, and not many documents are required.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is a type of Indonesia visitor visa. A tourist visa guarantees temporary residency in Indonesia. This visa is for tourism or visiting your family and friends. This visa does not allow permanent residency or a work permit.

The requirement may ask for slightly more forms than an electronic visa. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia asks individuals who want to acquire a to submit certain forms such as an invitation letter from the family or friend you are visiting. You may have to give them their contact detail as well. The intended date of travel.

The Indonesia tourist visa requirements also include providing a travel itinerary, salary voucher for the last six months, hotel and flight reservation tickets, etc.

You can stay for up to 60 days with this visa in Indonesia.

Business E-Visa

A business e-visa is an electronic visa that has few requirements. You only need to provide the standard forms.

The validity for this visa is 60 days, and you can stay for all 60 days per visit.

Business Visa

A business visa is a visitor visa that is solely for business purposes. This allows individuals to conduct or attend conferences or meetings in Indonesia.

A business visa is also valid for 60 days. For this visa, you may be asked for the contact details of the company sending you or the one you are visiting, a cover letter with proper details of your visit, and a travel itinerary.

What are the Requirements for the Visa?

Standard requirements include providing a copy of your valid passport. Your original passport should have at least six months' validity since your arrival to the country. The passport should be a clear scan and should be a signed passport. Moreover, it would be best if you had a proper passport picture, which you should not have used in previous visas. When you fill out the Indonesia visa application form, ensure that the personal details you enter on the form match those in your documents, such as the passport number, etc.

Additionally, you need to have your Covid 19 vaccination certificate if you wish to enter Indonesia as, since the spread of Covid, the Indonesia embassy wants to ensure that anyone entering Indonesia is vaccinated against Covid.

You may have to provide extra documents depending on which type of visa you opt for. These required documents include cover letters, invitation letters, bank statements, etc.

You will also have to submit the visa application form appropriately. If an applicant submits wrong information, the visa request may be delayed. Along with submitting the documents, you will also have to pay the visa fee.

If your visa expires and you are found to be staying in Indonesia, you may be subject to questions from the visa officer and visa authorization.

How to Apply for the Indonesia Visa Online?

It is no longer necessary to visit the Indonesian embassy as you can complete the entire visa process online. You will be supposed to fill out the visa application form, submit a few required documents, and you are done!

One site where you can apply for a visa online is VisaHQ. This site provides a secure and efficient way to complete your visa application and acquire your visa. Just enter your country to visit, in this case, Indonesia, and your nationality, which is Bangladeshi. The site also provides all the necessary details about what you need to know before applying for a specific type of visa. VisaHQ is a great site to get your Indonesian visa as a Bangladeshi citizen.

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