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Without question, Asia's most popular tourist destinations are Cambodia. It boasts some of the most stunning scenery and other points of interest, as well as a rich history and culture. However, Cambodia requires foreign visitors to get visas like every other nation. Foreigners go to Cambodia for leisure, business, or both.

We're here to make obtaining a visa for a foreign nation less complicated for you because it may seem like a difficult undertaking. Here, applying for a business visa for Cambodia online is simple. All foreigners entering Cambodia must apply for a visa, except for citizens of the following nations:

Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Seychelles, Brunei, and the Philippines.

Eligibility for getting Cambodia Business Visa

You must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified to enter the nation on a visa.

  • Be a sincere traveler. You must have a reason to visit the nation that is both legitimate and honorable.

  • You must have the financial resources to sustain yourself and any dependents for the whole stay to be eligible to shoulder all costs.

  • Strong links to your native country must exist for you to have good reasons to return there following your visit.

  • Have an excellent character. You must be of good character and have no history of criminal activity. For the same, you might need to present a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).

  • Being in excellent health means you must at least satisfy the authorities' basic standards for health.

  • You should have a genuine purpose. You must have a valid invitation from a legitimate business operating in the nation where you are/will be doing business.

Cambodia E Class Visa Application Types 

Any foreign national entering Cambodia for employment must have an E-class visa, previously known as a Cambodia business visa, with a thirty day validity term. Therefore, it's essential to comprehend the many forms of E-class visa extensions.

  • EB Visa (Business): The EB visa is the most often used option for people seeking employment in Cambodia. It applies to foreigners who work in Cambodia, launch a business, freelance, or remain there for more than thirty days.

    • Anyone applying for an EB visa extension requires a letter attesting to work in the nation. A twelve month extension is the most that may be granted. A work permit is also necessary for foreigners to work lawfully in Cambodia.

  • A standard EG visa is available to anyone looking for work. One, three, or six months are all possible timeframes.

  • Students are eligible for an ES visa if they are enrolled in a school or university in Cambodia. It can be renewed indefinitely if the holders can demonstrate that they have the means to sustain themselves and provide a letter from an accredited Cambodian school.

    • The length of an ES visa extension for a Cambodian student visa is up to one year.

  • Foreign individuals coming to Cambodia on an E-class visa are issued an EP visa if they want to engage in employment, establish a business, or extend their stay after the first thirty day period has passed. 

    • After the first thirty day stay under the E-class visa expires, this visa is available for an additional thirty days. If they can secure a solid work, foreigners are only permitted to stay for a further three months.

  • Foreign nationals who desire to retire in Cambodia can apply for an ER visa. They must show evidence of their financial independence and retirement in their place of origin.

    • Only individuals who are 55 years or older are normally granted retirement visas for Cambodia.

  • The technical visa extension, or ET visa, is intended for candidates who work in specific professions or sectors. 

  • Foreign NGO employees with an MoU with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are eligible for free C-class visas.

Cambodia Visa Requirements

The following are the details of Cambodia visa requirements that an applicant must fulfill when applying for any type of visas, including a Cambodia business visa application.

  • Actual signed passport.

  • Cambodia visa passport type photograph with white background.

  • Business Cover Letter of invitation from a Cambodia company if traveling through a Cambodia business visa.

  • Visa Application Form that should include your actual signed passport details and other details correctly.

  • Letter of Invitation on the Cambodia company letterhead paper.

  • Some other additional documents might be requested by local immigration officials, such as a Cambodian business registration certificate, Cambodia company Patent tax certificate, or others.

  • Health certificate; either local or FORTE insurance.

Cambodia E Class Visa Application

If you want to apply for a Cambodia e visa, a minimum visa fee is around $95 with thirty days stay and a ninety day validity. You must take help from the visa services of VisaHQ, or you can also apply through the Cambodian embassy. The process for applying for a Cambodian visa online is simple. You must visit VisaHQ and fill out the form as listed in the steps below:

  • Visit VisaHQ and create your client portal.

  • Set "Cambodia" as a travel destination and your home country as citizenship.

  • There will be multiple Cambodia visa options.

  • Select the visa service you need and fill out the visa application form. Make sure to add all visa requirements correctly.

  • Print and sign the visa application form and then submit the visa application form along with other Cambodia visa requirements in digital form on the passport and visa service of VisaHQ.

  • The VisaHQ will process your e visa application further.

Note: For any Cambodia visa guidance, whether you are applying for a tourist visa, visa on arrival, single entry, multiple entries, ordinary or business visa, or electronic visa, you can get help by visiting the client portal login or contacting the closest Cambodian embassy.


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