1 year visa Cambodia

The 1 year visa Cambodia is best for visitors who want to stay in the country for an extended period of time. This visa may be issued for multiple purposes such as study, business, retirement, job seeking, and much more. The government of Cambodia has visas spread across the globe, and its sole purpose is to process applications and issue visas to applicants in other countries.

Who Needs A Cambodian Visa?

A Cambodian visa is necessary for visitors from countries not on the visa free list. Cambodia has a visa free list containing countries whose citizens can enter the country for a short time without holding a visa.

The 1 Year Visa Cambodia

As the name suggests, a one-year visa is a visa that is valid for 12 months. However, visa validity should not be mistaken for the length of stay, as they mean different things. Once a visa is issued, the validity period is the length of time it remains active and can be used. After the visa expires, it cannot be used again. 

Furthermore, the validity period starts counting once the visa is issued, whether it is used or not. On the other hand, the length of stay is the number of days, weeks, or months the holder is allowed to stay in the country.

The 1 year Cambodian visa is valid for one year and can be issued for multiple purposes. We will review the different types of one-year visas as we make progress.

Documents For A One-Year Cambodian Visa

As with visas issued by embassies of other countries, the Cambodian one-year visa has its documentary requirements, as espoused below.

Application Form: The application form is mandatory and part of the application process. This document contains sections for filling in your details like your full name, gender, passport number, and information, among other details. When filling out the form, make sure the information you provide matches what is on other documents.

Passport: A valid passport issued by your home country. The Passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months and two empty pages for visa stamps.

Invitation Letter: If you were invited by an organization or individual in Cambodia, you must provide an invitation letter sent to you. The letter must contain sufficient information about the trip, including their address and other essential details.

Proof of Funds: A Financial statement to show proof of funds. The statement should cover the last three months and must contain sufficient to cover your expenses.

Accommodation Proof: The embassy will want to know where you will stay throughout your time in Cambodia. You can reserve hotel space online in advance.

Health Insurance: Visitors from some countries must have an active health insurance plan to cover any medical expenses they may incur in Cambodia.

Types of 1-Year Visa Cambodia

There are different types of one-year visas, and we review them below.

Business Visa: A business visa for Cambodia is issued to business persons, investors, and professionals for business engagements. This visa is valid for one year and can be extended by half a year or more, depending on the visa officer’s discretion. The business visa is solely for short term business engagements and not for any other purpose. Most business visas are multiple entry visas.

Study Visa: Study visas are for those looking to study in Cambodia. The minimum validity of study visas is one year, but there are longer versions that may last for up to four years. Most study visas are multiple entry visas.

Retirement Visa: The government of Cambodia allows retirees from other countries to visit and stay in Cambodia for up to one year or more. Any retiree who can prove with documents that they have the financial capacity to meet their expenses in the country will be issued a retirement visa. The visa is also extendable for one year.

Job Seeking Visa: Since the economy is still developing, the government has created a job visa for foreign nationals seeking job opportunities in the country. A job visa is valid for six months, with room for an extension of six more months. Once the job applicant gets a job, their visa will be substituted for a work and residency permit so they can work and reside legally in the country.

Also note that some tourist visa, ordinary visa, and visa on arrival also have one year validity.

Visa Fee

The visa application fee depends on the type of visa you are applying for. Visa fees start from $30 and above and are non-refundable.

These are the one-year visas issued to visitors by Cambodian embassies. Bear in mind that one-year visas cannot be obtained online by applicants from most countries; they must visit the embassy to submit their applications. Only applicants from selected countries can apply for 1 year visa Cambodia online.

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