Cambodia visa for Canadian passport holders

The Canadian passport is considered one of the world's most powerful passports. As of today, it allows visa-free entry to more than 185 countries. But unfortunately, Cambodia is not on the list!

To enter Cambodia, all Canadian passport holders are required to have a valid passport. However, to make the visa application process simple, the Cambodian government allows Canadian citizens to apply for a visa online!

Continue reading to learn all about Cambodian visas and how to apply for them!

Types of Cambodia Visas for Canadian Citizens

The Cambodian government has set different visa policies for different nationality holders. They offer various types of visas that can be categorized into two categories: regular visas and electronic visas.

To get a regular paper or stamp visa, applicants are required to visit the Cambodian embassy or consulate office. However, a Cambodia e-visa can be obtained online. VisaHQ allows Canadian citizens to apply for the following types of Cambodian visas:

Tourist e-Visa

If you are visiting Cambodia for tourism and leisure purposes, you can apply for a tourist e-visa. One of the best things about a tourist e-visa is that you can apply for this travel document online.

Cambodia e-visa is a perfect choice for you if you want to visit friends or family members, spend holidays, or explore the country. It is a single-entry visa that permits holders to stay in the country for 30 days within a 90-day period.

Cambodia (Type-E) Visa

Alternatively, if Canadian citizen wants to enter Cambodia for business purposes, they can apply for business visas. A Cambodia business visa is a single-entry travel document that comes with 3-month of validity. It is actually a sticker visa that allows you to stay in the country for 30 consecutive days.

Cambodia (type-E) visa can be obtained by those who:

  • Have received an invitation from a Cambodian registered organization

  • Have received an invitation offer from Cambodia

Cambodia (Type-T) Visa

If, for some reason, a Canadian citizen is not eligible for a tourist e-visa, he/she can apply for a Cambodian (Type-T) visa. This one is also a tourist visa. However, it is not electronic!

A holder of a Cambodia (Type-T) visa enjoys all the rights offered by a tourist e-visa. It allows you to stay in Cambodia for 30 consecutive days within a 90-day period. After entry, you can even renew this travel document at the Cambodia Immigration Department!

How to Apply for a Cambodia Visa?

In the past, Canadian citizens were required to visit the Cambodian embassy and then submit their visa application. This process can easily take an entire day. However, Cambodia has finally made the visa application process streamlined. This means Canadian nationals can now apply for a Cambodia visa from the comfort of their homes!

To apply for a Cambodia visa online, you'll need a few required documents, also known as the visa requirements. These documents depend upon your selected visa type. Four of the most basic items that Canadian passport holders need to get a Cambodia visa are:

  • Valid Passport - A copy of the applicant's passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity and 2 blank pages for stamps.

  • E-mail Address - A valid and active email address. Your email will be electronically linked to your passport. Upon approval, Canadian citizens will get their visas via email!

  • Passport-Type Photograph - A digital passport-style photograph with a white background, preferably taken within the last 6 months.

  • Means of Payment - As this entire process is online, you'll need online payment methods, such as a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account.

These are the most basic documents required to apply for a Cambodia visa. Besides, these you'll also need some supporting documents (visit VisaHQ to find supporting documents)

Once you fulfill all the Cambodia visa requirements, follow these steps to get your travel documents:

  1. Fill out the Cambodia visa application form

  2. Pay the visa processing fee

  3. Submit your application with supporting documents

You can complete this entire process within 10 minutes. Afterward, the Cambodian authorities will review your application. If your application is error-free, you'll get your approved visa via email!

Processing Time and Fee

The processing time and fee of a Cambodian e-visa for Canadian passport holders depend upon the selected visa type. Applicants can get a tourist visa within 3-5 business days at the cost of $95.

Alternatively, if you want to get a type-E or type-T visa, you'll need to wait for 5-7 business days. The total cost of a type-E visa is $94, while you can get a type-T Cambodia visa for $89!

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