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Cambodia is a beautiful country, and we should at least visit Koh Kong, Phnom Penh, Cham Yeam, and other states in the country. Keep updated on the latest information, so you do not have problems visiting Cambodia as UK citizens. Even though UK citizens have many visa free options, they need a visa for Cambodia. The Cambodian government does not allow citizens to enter Cambodia without a visa. So, you must fulfill the entry requirements and visit Cambodia through the sea, air, or land border.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is a single entry visa with up to three months of validity and a processing time of 3 to 5 working days. This visa allows one to stay in Cambodia for up to thirty days. The following visa requirements are required for tourists to complete if they want to enter Cambodia.

  • Original, signed British passport valid for at least six months from the date of travel and containing at least one visa page free of marks.

  • Passport type photo taken within the previous 6 months with a white backdrop. 

  • Reservations for hotels. Hotel bookings must be copied (the applicant's name must be on the hotel reservation as stated on the Cambodia visa).

  • Vaccination card for COVID-19.

  • Health coverage. Health insurance covers Cambodia for at least $50,000 or $90 FORTE Insurance acquired before travel.

Tourist E Visa

The tourist e visa to Cambodia is an electronic visa you can apply for through VisaHQ. The process is simple, fill out your Cambodia visa application form and other specific requirements. Then complete the document and submit them online on the website.

The foreign affairs or the embassy might ask you to submit your document by e mail. So, get it confirmed before submitting your documents. After document submission, you must pay the visa fee and wait for the approval. Once approved, you can get the visa for Cambodia stamped and visit Cambodia.

Business Visa For Cambodia

This visa is a single entry visa with up to one month of validity. This visa has a five working days processing time and allows thirty days stay in the country. Below are the entry requirements for the Cambodia visa.

  • Visa application form for Cambodia. Please download, print, and sign the Cambodian visa application produced by our system under your account for online orders.

  • Original, signed passport from the United Kingdom. On the travel date, the passport must still be valid for at least 6 months, and at least 1 visa page must be free of any marks.

  • One passport photo Includes a recent 6-month-old passport-style photo with a white backdrop. Additionally, you can include a photo in your purchase for printing. This service is subject to an additional fee.

  • Itinerary, such as a copy of a verified itinerary or round-trip tickets.

  • A business letter that must be an authentic signed letter from the UK business that complies with the rules and regulations:

    • Give a brief introduction to the applicant (must include the applicant's job status and role within the organization).

    • Indicate the type of business that will be done (e.g., meetings, contract discussions, etc.), as well as the names and contact information for the Cambodian firms that will be contacted.

    • Indicate the visa type and desired period of validity (the examples include; single entry or multiple entry visas).

    • Assurance of having enough money for the trip.

  • A Business invitation. The travellers must submit an invitation letter from sponsoring company in Cambodia.

Business E Visa for Cambodia

The e visa application for a job in Cambodia is similar to the tourist visa for Cambodia. However, the document requirements, visa fees, and other rules are slightly different. When applying from the UK, you must learn about the whole visa application process and then apply for it. You can also contact the embassy or VisaHQ to learn about the visa system and services for your trip to Cambodia.

Once you know the process, you can use the VisaHQ service and fill out the online visa application form. Then provide valid documents and get your visa application approved. After approval, you might be called for an interview test. Attend the test, and then the Cambodian embassy will finalize your application. For instance, if it is approved, then get the visa stamped and completed.

Transit Visa

A transit visa for Cambodia is valid for up to five days and allows a maximum stay of up to three days after entry into Cambodia. This visa has a processing time of five working days. The following are the document requirements for the transit visa:

  • Visa application form for Cambodia. Please download, print, and sign the Cambodia visa application.

  • Original, signed British passport. Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of travel and contain at least one visa page free of marks.

  • 1 passport photo Include a passport type photo taken within the previous six months with a white backdrop. You may also add a photo to your purchase for us to print. This service has a cost attached to it.

  • Copy of round-trip tickets or schedule confirmation

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