Cambodia visa for Indians

Cambodia is a great place to visit. It is a perfect place to go for a quick break and refresh yourself with the magnificence of the deep history and culture rooted in Cambodia. Cambodia has a lot of different places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature!

The question is, if you are an Indian citizen, what is the application process through which you can apply for the visa? And do you even need a visa in the first place? If a visa is required, what are the requirements for you to be granted a visa?

This article has answered all these necessary questions and provided detailed information about how you can obtain a Cambodia visa!

Do Indian Citizens Need A Cambodia Visa?

Yes, Indian citizens will require a visa for Cambodia regardless of why they come to visit there. Without a visa, they will not be allowed to enter the international airport.

Different Types of Visas for Indians

There are three different visas offered to Indian nationals. The visas differ in terms of their purpose of use, their validity, and visa fees.

The three types of visa are tourist e-visa, normal visa, and business visa.

Tourist E-Visa

A tourist e-visa is an electronic visa. The e-visa application form can be filled out within minutes and require little to no hassle.

The e-tourist visa has a very low processing time as it is processed within 3 to 5 days. The visa validity is for 3 months, and you can continuously stay for 30 days. This e-tourist visa is for entry once, so if you want to travel to Cambodia again, you will need to apply for the visa application again.

The e-visa application does not require a lot of document submission, and once you have applied, you will receive the approval through email.

Tourist Visa

This visa is similar to the e-tourist visa. However, there will be considerably more document submissions in a normal visa than in an electronic one.

This visa is issued for those applicants who want to go to Cambodia to travel or see family and friends.

You can get the visa either for a single or urgent one-time entry. You may have to go to Cambodia urgently because of something unexpected and cannot wait for a processing time of 5 days. In such a case, the urgent single entry visa comes into play. The urgent tourist single entry visa is processed on the same day. At the same time, the normal visit visa takes about 4 to 5 business days. The Cambodia visa fee charged differs if you get an urgent visa.

The validity for both visa types is 1 month, and you can stay for 30 days maximum.

Apart from the main required documents for the tourist visa, you will have to submit the travel itinerary too. The travel itinerary will define the schedule for the trip planned.

Business Visa

A business visa is for those who have to attend important meetings regarding their work. If your organization sends you to Cambodia to attend some business, then you will have to obtain a Cambodia business visa.

Similar to the tourist visa, the business visa is a visa type that is also available for either single entry or urgent. However, the normal single entry business visa costs more than a tourist visa.

For both, the maximum validity is about a month, and you can stay for 30 continuous days for a stay.

Apart from the required documents, additional documents are also required. In the application process, you must submit a cover letter and invitation letter to enter Cambodia. These letters will contain information such as why did you travel Cambodia, what your plans are in Cambodia, how long you will be staying in Cambodia, which company sent you, which company invited you etc.

What are the Visa Requirements for India Nationals?

The standard visa requirements include applicants filling in proper details about themselves in the online application form. The application form asks for personal details such as name, contact email address, and passport details. Ensure that you provide valid passport details.

Moreover, you will need to submit your original passport copy and passport picture with a white background.

You should also provide the itinerary and your hotel booking details. Furthermore, as an Indian citizen, you must submit proof of your national identity. Additional documents include flight reservation tickets and travel insurance.

Ensure that you fill the documents properly so that your visa application request is not rejected.

How To Apply for the Cambodia Visa Online?

If you are wondering whether or not you can apply for a Cambodia visa online, the answer is yes. Through sites like VisaHQ, you can now apply for a visa online through their great visa service. You have to go to the site and choose your nationality and country to travel. You will then get information about the different visas for that country, the requirements, and the visa fees. The fee can be paid through credit card or a debit card.

After viewing the visa information, you can apply for the visa application and wait for its approval!

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