Cambodia visa for Pakistan

Cambodia is a country filled with nature and deep cultural history. Cambodia is also home to one of the world's 8th wonders, Angkor Wat.

Cambodia has lush forests, historical sites, and ancient temples, and you do not want to miss out on seeing these places.

Are you a Pakistani and have been wondering about visiting Cambodia? The country will welcome you with open arms. However, you need to obtain your Cambodia visa.

Do Pakistani Citizens need a Visa to visit Cambodia?

Yes, Pakistani citizens do need a visa to visit Cambodia. Entering Cambodia without acquiring a Cambodia visa is not possible for Pakistani nationals. There are two different types of Cambodia visas provided to Pakistani nationals. These include a tourist e-visa and a business visa.

You can either obtain the visa directly from the nearest Cambodian embassy in Pakistan or through an online process for your visit to Cambodia.

What are the Different Types of Cambodia Visa for Pakistani?

There are two different types of visas Pakistanis can obtain. This includes the tourist e-visa and the business visa. The visa validity and the documents required differ for each type of visa.

Tourist Visa (Electronic)

If you are planning a trip from Pakistan to Cambodia to experience the different parts of Cambodia and enjoy its beauty, you should get a Cambodia tourist visa. You can get a Cambodia tourist visa if you decide to visit family and friends back in Cambodia. This visa is also referred to as a tourist e-visa.

The Cambodian government introduced the tourist e-visa to uncomplicate the process of getting a visa.

The tourist visa is a single entry visa, and it is valid for 3 months. The processing time for this electronic visa is between 3 and 5 days; with this visa, you can stay in Cambodia for a maximum of 30 days. Hence, if you need a visa urgently to enter Cambodia, a tourist e-visa is processed super fast.

The documents required for this visa are not extensive at all. Additional documents other than those submitted for any other type of visa include proof of hotel booking. You need to show proof of accommodation. When you apply online, you may have to submit the travel itinerary.

It would be best to remember that you could enter Cambodia through only certain international airports using this Cambodian visa.

Business Visa

The business visa is useful for those traveling to Cambodia for business activities. If you are a Pakistani citizen and have any professional meeting or conference to attend, you will have to acquire a business visa.

Apart from properly filling out the business visa application form and submitting all the documents required, which are standard, you also have to submit additional documents. Considering you are going for some conference or business activity, you need to submit the invitation letter from the host company and the cover letter addressed to the Cambodian consulate informing them about the reason for your visit and what your exit is and entry days are.

Both the letters should also discuss the reason for your visit and how long you intend to stay.

What are the Visa Requirements for Cambodia?

The Cambodia visa requirements include having a valid passport with all the accurate details. The Pakistani passport should be valid for 6 months after the travel date. When filling out the Cambodia visa for a Pakistani application form, you should ensure that you do not enter false information. You should have a passport photo, too, with a white background.

Moreover, it would help if you had sufficient health insurance to cover Cambodia. You will also need your Covid vaccination certificate.

You cannot get the visa until and unless you pay the visa fee.

You should ensure that all these requirements are properly fulfilled so that the visa processing time is not delayed and you get your approval quickly.

How to Fill out the Visa Application for Cambodia Online?

Many times we feel like going all the way to the embassy can be a hassle, and we keep delaying the application process. However, with the visa services of sites like VisaHQ, the entire application process becomes easy, and you can fill out the Cambodia visa application online without going to the Cambodian Embassy.

The process of applying for a visa is uncomplicated. When you go on the site VisaHQ, you will have to fill 2 boxes regarding where you want to go and your nationality.

Once you have done so, you will find out what different visas are available for foreign nationals and the requirements for the visa. Moreover, you will also get to know the visa fees, and you can fill out the application, submit and upload supporting documents, and wait for the approval.

Through this process, you can apply for a Cambodia visa in the comfort of your own home!

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